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Feminization Services

by Elleria Candy & Scarlette Kisses


Club Candy Kisses is a lipstick lesbian owned & operated 2 girl style and life service for all genders, fashions, sizes & fabulous fiends all over the world.  This simple, seductive system for maximum makeover magic was designed by Mistress Candy to make your feminization fantasy come to life! The two of us want all of your dream girl desires to transpire...

We are your feminizer fairies- and we are here to make you sparkle.

You are really pretty- and we are going to prove it to you.

Club Candy Kisses

(Be flirty. Be fun. Be fabulous.)

"....Oh. It's YOU! What a cupcake!"

Nice to meet you, kitten

We are Mistress & Miss, and we think you look like you could use a makeover…. we're going to give you one!

(The Feminizers)


Join The Doll Collection.

No matter where you are, no matter what your schedule, your fabulous feminization kit can be on your doorstep & ready to help you feel like the dream girl you've always been inside.

Your new feminizers want you to be the fantasy you've always wanted- and we're here to help!

Club Candy Kisses is the safe, scrumptious , simple & sweet solution to your femininization fantasy. Embrace your dreams!

Our personalized style & feminization kits are an opportunity to embrace your girliest desires- and look delicious, all under the direction of Miss & Mistress- two feminizer fashionistas!







"Let us doll you up."

We will show you that you are a treat that is sultry & sweet.

The feminine touch you have been looking for is just a few clicks away!


Our Feminization, Sissy, Bimbo & Doll Servicecs Include:

Mistress chosen items to make you look cute, in your size & style.

  • Embrace our deliciously divine Candy Kiss Name Service & our official club exclusive Dream Girl name certificates, to make you into a Candy Kiss and welcome you into Mistress Candy's doll collection with your Mistress chosen club name. Your name and style are made OFFICAL with a sealed, signed certificate

  • Flatter your femme side with  the 100 kinky cute question slumber party style Dream Girl Survey, to help Mistress & Miss get know your inner girlie girl and test what kind of a tart you are

  •  Fill out the flirty & fun Feminization Customization Station your feminizers use to learn all about your personality & princess preferences

  • Slip into Mistress chosen outfits & lovely lingerie (darling dresses, naughty negligee, sexy skirts, beautiful bras, cute costumes, yummy yoga clothes, nice nightgowns, seductive shoes, tempting tops, princess petticoats, and more)

  • Play in pretty Panties & Hot Hosiery (thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, thigh highs, gorgeous garters, prissy pantyhose, sultry socks, and more!)

  • Get sexy with special request items, tasty toys and more (to help you feel flirty!)

  • Marvelous Makeup (luscious lipstick, lusty lip-gloss, bimbo blush, glamorous glitter, and more!)

  • Feminine tasks can be assigned to you to please your feminizer 

  • Look wonderful in Wigs or strut your stuff in haughty hair accessories

  • "Femme" Training by by your feminizers available by request

  • Shape your girly attitude with Etiquette, Makeup & Modeling Tutorials 

  • Smell like a total treat with "Goddess Elixir" enchanted perfumes made by your glamour witch Mistress (to enhance your feminine energy)

  • Modeling opportunities (send us photos in your kit and get shown off!)

  • Complimentary Femme Homework

  • Find more fun with our complimentary Cupid Search & lifestyle suggestions (in some high feminization levels)

  • Have a treat with a bite of candy (to keep you sweet, sugar!)

  • Jewelry Accessories (appropriately sized Mistress approved selections- chokers, necklaces, beautiful bracelets, adorable animal ears, headbands, props, tiaras, hair bows, rigs, membership exclusive pieces,  sweet scarves, )

  • Lifestyle, Novelty & Requested Items (to help you unleash your exact femme fantasy!)

  • Discreet Packaging (no one will know but you!)

  • One of a kind, unique items (all hand chosen or created for you by your 2 new feminizers and customized to your personality and princess preferences)

  • Overwhelming cuteness because you deserve something delicious, dolly.

  • and more- everything you need to be the perfect Candy Kiss, picked out just for you by us 2!



Elleria Candy's ORIGINAL first of it's kind Feminization Service has created lots of gorgeous fabulous femmes, sissies and bimbos- helping cuties feel confident and develop their Dream Girl style with her unique "Princess Process."


Are you ready to be her next doll?

Candy Kisses:

  A gorgeous and glamorous group of flirty, fun, and fabulous fantasy femme dolls who take a pledge to be total cupcake kitty cats under the direction of Mistress Elleria Candy.

Mistress & Miss love every single Candy Kiss!


🖤 Raid our closet for a slumber party experience or let us pick out something sexy!

🖤 Size is no issue, sugar.  Every kit is custom made just for you! We can handle the male to female conversions if necessary and help you dress for your body type in any shape or size.  FYI one of us is petite and the other is plus sized, and with a tape measurer in hand we are always ready to help you feel hot no matter your shape or size. All kittens are cute!

🖤 COMPLETE customization to your preference in style, size, and options to your exact liking (or ours, if you prefer.)

🖤 100% Fun Friendly - we don't shame at Club Candy Kisses!

🖤Check our featured dolls to see reviews from our Candy Kisses about their gender transformation package and see some of our currently featured dolls in our collection. We'll get you feeling flirty, fun and fabulous!

 🖤The same day you order, we'll send over your surveys & customization information within 24 hours and start your feminization fun. 

🖤Pick the level of feminization you want to achieve for your first makeover, ranging from 1 to 20.

OR grab a Sissy Kit and get the style you desire

You can be the girl of your dreams and we get to make you be the Dream Girl you feel like on the inside.

You're cute- and we can prove it!


You have found the most discreet, delicious,, safest, sweetest solution to your feminization fantasy....

our feminine, fabulous, flirty fun never ends.

...Mistress Elleria Candy & Mistress Scarlette Kisses would love to dress you up like a little doll and get you in touch with your feminine energy. Plus Mistress wants a new pet kitty, and that's you- you're going to look SO pretty!

Our services include......

(but are not limited to)



Your well experienced Goddesses have designed a document for you to fill out right away so we can get to know our new Candy Kiss. This survey is from the brain of Miss & Mistress and is designed to turn you into your dream girl & get the style just right. The custom Build-A-Girl experience. Miss & Mistress will get to know you through this super sexy, sweet, scrumptious 100 question document and make you look just the right kind of pretty.  Optional membership and contract to join Club Candy kisses  at the bottom of our girly sleepover style questionnaire, you sign and agree to be our little cutie and we get a new doll to dress up. Take a pledge to be flirty, fun, and fabulous

This survey, along with our customization station, is sent over within 24 hours of your purchase,to welcome you into Club Candy Kisses.  It's so much fun, honey bun!


Within 24 hours of  placing an order for your desired feminization level,  you'll receive an email with access to both your Dream Girl Survey and our Feminization Customization Station. We use all that fabulous fun to decide what kind of doll you should be and pack up your feminization kit full of tasty things to make you feel like a temptress! We have designed all types of cute questions to figure out how to make you feel like a Dream Girl! We'll figure you out and it'll be fabulous- we learn all about your girliest preferences and use Mistress Candy's vision for your inner femme to make you look luscious. This is your chance to tell us all about you and divulge all your delicious scrumptious secrets and customize your kit's creation! Further, feel free to request some ideas for your feminization journey that you may have. (Do you want to make sure you get a skirt, or lipstick, or something black?.... To look like a bimbo, a barbie, a girl next door type or a lady of the night?.....We have you covered. No matter your size, style, budget or experience: we'll make you feel special, sugar! Every one of our kits is as unique as every single Candy Kiss in the club: one of a kind, and sweet as a cupcake. You are the DreamGirl. We wave our magic wand and poof- you're fabulous.

No 2 kits are alike- every Candy Kiss feminization kit is as unique as the kitten we made it for, even the premade packages.


We understand that each cutie is different! We want to help you become the exact kind of doll you want to be. Your feminization kit is judgement free and super sexy, sweet thang! We learn all about you with the Dream Girl survey & Customization Station we send over once you order and create your femme-fantasy just for you... Just the way you want it to be. From clothing, to bedroom items, to names, to makeup and everything in between- we'll turn you into your femme fantasy!


We have kits for every budget- and offer cute coupons and delicious discounts! 

You choose what you would like to do depending on your desired feminization goals. :)

The more elaborate your kit, the more detail, quality & quantity your outfit(s) will have.

However, each package is fit for a princess and full of one of a kind cuteness!

We are a luxury service full of custom, unique, one of a kind items but we make kits as cute as we can for every kitten, whether their cute is big or small.  Our largest kits are the most luscious, but all of them are built to make you feel like a babe.

Back for more?  We'll recognize you and get you something special, you sweet little Candy Kiss!

NEW:  Style Kits & Mystery Kits- Claim your new style created by Club Candy Kisses! 



If you are not a camera shy kitty, you get the privilege of showing your goddesses how pretty you look after your new makeover by sending us pictures of our new creation. This is mandatory for Cupid Search services, advertising services, and a chance to be one of our testimonials or social media posts to show other potential Candy Kisses, if you so choose to show off. Optional of course if you're a shy sweetie, but we'll think about how glamorous you must be now anyway 


Would you like a makeup tutorial?  A modeling class? To be taught how to act like a proper lady or a scandalous sweetie? To see Miss & Mistress show off your new outfit? Etiquette training? Hypnosis? A dollification tutorial? Something specific? Don’t be shy cutie pie- most levels come with a free video demonstration from Scarlette and Elleria. If your kit contains a custom video, request it in your customization station!


No 2 packages are the same- Miss & Mistress give you your own personal unique name, style, and look. Almost every item is altered, hand made, customized, and one of kind in our kits by your 2 designer divas You should feel special, you pretty little princess.


MODEL FOR US if you wish! Find out more information in our menu and strut your stuff. Prefer us to wear your clothes first? If you would like, by request, your 2 new feminizers can wear or model your new sissy style for you and even show you some sexy princess poses to copy, to teach you to feel flirty, fun and fabulous. Just request this in your feminization customization station. Modeling tutorials always available with any kit that includes a demonstration or twoWant your items straight from our wardrobe? Just request it in your customization station!



a complimentary service after feminization with some levels. Let us help you feel flirty, Ms. Fabulous.  Most matchmakers charge thousands of dollars and keep you hooked with constant requests for more money. We offer our Cupid Search for LGBTQ+ and open minded individuals free of charge with many of our mid to high level feminization kits because we believe in love & hot hook ups with no extra fees: we think it's fun and if you're a super feminized babe we want to help *you* have fun, honey bun. Check out our site menu for matchmaking information and our feminiation levels to find out which of our kits include our Cupid Search services. We'd love to play cupid for you, cupcake.  Currently available for dolls feminized level 9 or higher.❤️

We send you our Sugar Survey for dating dolls to learn all about you, and then we wait for photos of you after your feminization. Once you send in your photos, we start looking for a match in & out of our system. When we find a potential playmate, we allow both parties to see each other's surveys- and if both cuties approve, we exchange contact information and make magic happen! So far, we've had a lot of success making sweeties feel scrumptious. Could you be next, princess?


Let us turn you into your dream girl with our delicious princess process! Want a new secret sultry identity? A fresh start? We have some delicious bimbo-rific or real-girl names we can assign you to match your mistress chosen kit. You'll feel like you stepped into build-a-girl mode with our super cute customization form and DreamGirl survey we send over with your purchase! All feminization packages now include our Dream Girl Name Service. With a name certificate! First and last names. To suit your new fab look.  We create a whole new identity for you if you like based on your Dream Girl survey and the outfit we choose for you!!! We'd love to build a girl! We also offer Dream Girl Lifestyle Improvement Lists! Lists of interests like shows and movies to watch, things to do, décor to accumulate and more. We can make you into a total fantasy girl!

MORE. Each feminization & sissy kit has different advantages. We got you, girl! There is always something fabulous & fun to find at CCK.

Don't be shy, cutie pie! Discover your inner diva with CCK today and start what you know you need to finish!

Your girly girl transformation is just a few clicks away, glam girl.

XOXO kiss kiss....

            Mistress & Miss

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sissy kitty cat
Hand Holding Lollipop

the makeover menu


   stay cute, cupcake

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