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Doll Collection
Mistress Candy's
& Our Tasty Testimonials

Would you like to see the delicious things people have to say about Candy Kisses?

Are you excited to take a peek at Mistress Candy's doll collection, and see some of our super cute results?

Each cupcake we dress ends up sexy & sweet- and completely good enough to eat!

Mistress designs dolls of every size, style, gender & sexuality. After two years worldwide- she has over 400 fairies now feminized!

Many of our dolls are camera shy cutie pies- but all our babes look beautiful. We luckily get a surprising amount of sweeties that want to strut their stuff for us, and you can see some of them below. You can show of for us, too! Optional & cute.

*Naughty new Candy Kisses are added all the time- if they aren't camera shy cutie pies!

Would you like to be added to our doll collection and be shown off on our site, on TikTok, Instagram, or Fetlife to be seen by thousands of other dolls, dominants, and girly girls every month?

We are always looking for models- you may even get photo assignments from Mistress!

Find out more about being our marvelous model here.

Send us photos in your new custom kit and show the world how stunning you are! (Optional & with your consent of course.)

Become a featured Candy Kiss under the diva direction of Mistress & Miss! Note: all posts are 100% CONSENSUAL- you have to ask to be posted!

See The Doll Collection and our ravishing reviews below!

....You're next, princess!
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