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Join Mistress Candy's doll collection!

Order your custom kit & then flaunt how fabulous you look to be featured. Dreams do come true!


We love our shy sweeties who dress up in private! If you're the kind of private princess who has a secret to keep, Club Candy Kisses is perfect for you! However, we also adore dolls who want to show off how scrumptious they look! We also reward them for it. We know showing off how stunning you look can be a dream, and we're here to make that come true. Club Candy Kisses is currently looking for models of all kinds to join Mistress Candy's doll collection. You can be next, princess! Do you want the opportunity to be featured in our "Featured Girls" as an example for future feminized fairies, to be shown off on FetLife, strut your sissy self in our Instagram posts or stories, or even have a chance to be featured on the Club Candy Kiss website? Your custom ordered feminization or sissy kit also includes the opportunity to show off your new look, if you aren't too shy, cutie pie!

Modeling for CCK is optional, safe, secure & discreet- only show what you want to show!


We are looking for:  femmes, crossdressers (non-passing and passing), girly girls, femboys, bimbos, sissies, rubber dolls, and anyone who loves feminine fun & looking fabulous of all shapes, genders, sizes and styles. We are looking for models that are willing to show their faces and dolls who just want to show off their new look from the neck down, too. Must be willing to feel flirty, fun, and fabulous.

Qualifications: You must be over 18, have the ability to photograph yourself (face encouraged but not required), you must be willing to grant written  consent to having your photos shared, and you must be feminized by Mistress & Miss via one of our feminization or style kits of your choice. No exceptions. Models must complete EVERY STEP of The Princess Process- including the extra credit for Mistress Candy.  Models get FREE GIFTS & if you prove you actually will follow through, we will continue to spoil you! 

See some of our current featured femmes in our delicious doll collection!


Interested in showing off for your feminizers?

Mention that you want to be a model on your customization station after your placing your order and we'll get you looking EXTRA glam, gorgeous! Once Head Mistress approves- you'll join the doll collection here on

Special Model Perks:



Mention you want to  MODEL for us to get free gifts with your kits from Mistress Candy!

Prove it with photos of your first feminization by Club Candy Kisses and get even more next time! 


 Want us to tell you how to pose or what to show off? Request suggestions and we'll boss you around, bimbo! Increases your chances of being shown on our site.





Influencer Opportunity:

Do you currently have an active social media platform with 10,000 or more followers?

Contact us  with proof & your promise to share photos modeling your custom kit for access to our INFLUENCER SPECIAL- a lifetime of half off all products, a special thank you gift and a shout out. Evidence may require a simple post for verification of your social media account. LIMITED TIME & SPACES ONLY! 

*Please note: all interested models must go through one of the routes described in the paragraphs above, no exceptions. This is completely necessary as a new, very small queer owned niche personalized service with only custom products and limited resources, but we always spoil our marvelous models.  Thank you for understanding! See our fabulous FAQ for more information and delicious details on collaborating with Club Candy Kisses in any capacity.




Models Wanted

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