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Meet Your Mistresses

Get To Know Your Feminizers

Club Candy Kisses is entirely operated by Elleria & Scarlette, the feminine force behind the fetish fashion fantasy.

All our princess power is produced by just the two of us; we are a lesbian owned & operated mini micro business & sweet service run by 2 busy bimbos!


The Feminizers 

What is a feminizer?  We are both so glad you asked!

Here at Club Candy Kisses, a feminizer is a femme obsessed diva who spreads girly fun around to everyone. A feminizer is a fashionista that lives, breathes, and believes in the power of makeover magic.


Introducing your new doll owners Mistress Elleria Candy and Miss Scarlette Kisses. We are dedicated to making delicious dreams come true for hotties all over the world- and that means you!

Mistress & Miss

the 2 girls behind Club Candy Kisses

What Do You Do For Your Dolls?


Ice Cream Patch_edited.png

We test the sweetie in every experience with Mistress Candy's unique, sexy & super sweet slumber party style survey system to discover the doll's dream girl desires


heart heart_edited.png

We in detail discus, plan, create, select, accumulate, design & style every item & supply every service required for absolute maximum makeover magic to make the doll look delicious



We mix, match and decide on the most delicious possible path for the Princess- sometimes including tasks, training, tips, tricks, matchmaking, and even signature scent! 


Woven Heart Patch_edited.png

We by hand decorate, alter, embellish and perfect every piece for our new project to make sure the Club Candy Kisses flare and vision is entirely there- with not a seam spared 


Cocktail Patch_edited.png

We spoil, sweeten and seduce every diva with their special service! The two of us prepare and primp the perfect package built for a princess, then lovingly wrap it up in pretty paper and cover up the kinky cute fun in a discreet package hidden from everyone- until you're ready for fun!

we LOVE our dress up dolls. And that means you too!

It feels SO GOOD to be girly!

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