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Want to meet Mistress & Miss, you Candy Kiss? Oohlala!

Discussions about in person services, the location of Mistress Candy or Miss Kisses, touring or future location are exclusively for members of Club Candy Kisses who have shown they are both serious & safe by taking the photo proof prompted in Mistress Candy's Princess Process due to the personal safety of both your fabulous feminizers & our diva dolls.

This is absolutely necessary as a queer couple running an LGBT service with growing popularity in the fabulous fantasy world. 


Where are we located? We are located in the USA, but do travel to treat dolls to in person makeover services when out & about, and base our travel/touring schedule off of requested services. You can learn our current location & be notified about our travel to your area once you have completed The Princess Process, for our personal safety & the personal safety of the dolls we dress.


To discuss potential in person feminization, our location, to book in person services or anything of the sort, Club Candy Kisses members must complete every single step of The Princess Process, including and especially the extra credit. AKA- you have to have fabulous fun!


You can find the Princess Process here.

No matter what kind of cutie you are, we are here to dress you up & get you looking lovely no matter your schedule with our delicious kits for dolls- delivered to your doorstep, worldwide to give you a personalized princess experience in a way that is safe & sexy. Your custom, goddess made kit is a way for us to learn about what kind of girl you are and get to know you- and it's a fabulous fun for your feminization fantasy.  Once you've completed your extra credit, if you're curious about potential in person services, contact us for approval. Be a little model for MIstress Candy. We can't wait, cupcake!

Please note this process is set in stone. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding!



Current Candy Kisses:  Are you returning for another round of in person feminization fun? Submitted your photos to Mistress and curious about our current location, notifications about our travel schedule in your area, or questions about meeting Mistress & Miss? Contact us! 

Please note all photo verification must be done within 3 weeks of your kits reception, due to high volume, kit trading, product availability, and other femme factors. 


New Club Members:  you must complete EVERY STEP of The Princess Process- including the extra credit for Mistress Candy, to discus or book your session. You do not have to share your photos publicly before or after your feminization services, but you must send them to us or approval before being considered. Thank you!

See some of our currently featured femmes in our delicious rotating doll collection!


Miss & Mistress, in a pretty pink skirt and cute slutty attire; your favorite feminizers!
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Miss Kisses & Mistress Candy, the dominatrix divas of your feminization & sissification fantasy
sissy lovers
pink sissygasm

Meeting Mistress & Miss

sissy tiara for a sissy princess


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