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Highly feminized by us? Request your complimentary Cupid Search! 

We love to play cupid! Your feminizers fell in love because of similarities & style, and we want the same thing for our dolls that are looking for something sweet.

We offer complimentary cupid searches for fairies highly feminized through our system to continue to boost their confidence & help them find something kinky and cute.

Some people charge high prices for an endless love search and sometimes sweethearts end up with nothing to show for it- so we provide this free service as a bonus for our beauties & bimbos. Being flirty is fun, honeybun!

Our Cupid Search service is our gift to our most glamorous girls- it is 100% complimentary with any Feminization Level 9 - Level 20, or with the purchase of any 3 kits.

How do you pair up princesses?  We use The Sugar Survey in combination with each individual doll's Dream Girl Survey and included  personality profile to help us find a suitable someone  for you- whether that is in your area, willing to travel, or if if you prefer, online play. 

After feminization, we use your photo & profile to find a partner. Once we discover a pair we like, we see if the attraction is mutual- and if it is, we make the match! Oolala!

What is in The Sugar Survey?  The Sugar Survey is a sweet treat designed to learn all about your kinks, preferences, personality, likes, dislikes, and all about you, your ideal match, and your inner desires.

Why is your matchmaking service only for certain levels of feminization & repeat clients?

 After playing cupid for a while, we've found that we have the most fun matching up ultra femme fairies, and the dolls we've dressed the best. Additionally, although not applicable in every situation, most of the dominants we've found prefer & expect our kitties that prefer glitz, glamour and everything girly. As a service that prides itself on being cute, queer & full of cupcakes, we can only at this time place club members into our matchmaking system that are feminized to Level 9 or higher, or have ordered any 3 of our kits to certify the Candy Kiss look.

Do you accept polyamorous and open individuals?

 Absolutely, cutie. You won't find judgement here at CCK! Our Sugar Survey allows us to learn all about your gender, personality, preferences,  bedroom style, orientation & relationship status as we make matches.


Can I be discreet?

 Of course. Many of our matches are professionals, but we do encourage 100% honesty with the other party and us too, boo.

Want to be advertised on our site as "available" for potential partners? Meet the qualifications for matchmaking & model for us and we will put you in The Doll Collection as available, angel!


Disclaimer: our cupid search is NOT for sale. This service is free with feminization, and is not a product to be purchased.


Candy Kiss Cupid Search

sissy tiara for a sissy princess


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