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Why should you join Club Candy Kisses?

There are dozens of delicious reasons why you deserve our makeover magic. Let's fill you in! You can't miss this.


Club Candy Kisses, above all, is about three things:

being flirty, being fun, and most of all- being fabulous.


The two of us believe that every doll we dress deserves to feel like a princess, because everyone girly could use another dose of glamorous. What diva doesn't want a new dress?


Aside from the feminine feeling of our glitz & glamour, there are may other incentives to join Club Candy Kisses.

Some of the reasons a cutie like you needs Club Candy Kisses are.....




Once you pick your services, you leave the decisions to Mistress so you can concentrate on being a doll & looking delicious. And the girly gifts you get are THE most fabulous! This is perfect for any princess who loves to feel prissy or pampered


Become a Candy Kiss! It's bliss. Being officially feminized is totally fabulous for any femme fairy of all genders, sizes and styles. Who doesn't want to be a certified living doll? With each kit you get an official name certificate, a certified style for each kit, clothes, toys and so much more. Awww!


We are the world's first and only feminization service delivered to your doorstep and created just for you. Bring out your inner slumber party with our bimbo-tastic 100 question Dream Girl Survey, included in all our kits. Answer the most fabulously fun questions possible and play "This or That" with Mistress Candy. Learn all about the femme side of you like you never did before while we get to know you in the most girly girl way we can. Ooohlala!



Enjoy the prettiest, most personalized package you will ever receive. (Until you order your next one, of course!) Complete your Feminization Customization Station and we'll use your princess preferences + your slumber party survey results to make you the cutest kit ever. And it's made just for you! You deserve to feel like a diva and we are here to make it happen. There isn't a femme alive who wouldn't want one of a kind, gorgeous, glam gifts hand selected to spoil them. We know that better than anyone! You can enjoy the feeling of a Candy Kiss Christmas any day of the year. We're here! 



We are your DISCREET source for all your feminization needs: As a lesbian couple and the owners of this beautiful business, we understand how important it can be to keep your secrets safe, no matter how kinky or cute they may be. Get ALL your femme fun wrapped up together with a return address that reads "standard supplies"- unlike other companies, we won't ever embarrass or expose you with packages, so you can stay private. All this variety of femme fun in one plainly wrapped package- no more dozens of separate amazon packages. We're your quick, easy, cute solution to staying safe & sexy! 



One of a kind, extra girly items in every kit: Almost all the items in our kit are created, decorated and coordinated precisely to fit each kit. Miss & Mistress go to extra lengths to make every item (down to the makeup, clothing details, bedroom items, accessories, packaging and more) as pretty & prissy as possible. We'll capture that super cute look you've been missing out on all this time while showering you in sparkly gemstones, beautiful bows, or marvelous materials designed just for you. Our service is one of a kind, and so are most of our marvelous items!



Get a personalized professional touch from two fabulous feminizers-Picking up each of your feminine items and knowing that they were chosen just for you is addicting & alluring. Feel as special, sexy and sweet as you are under the guidance of Mistress Elleria Candy & Miss Scarlette Kisses.



We are a very tiny, experimental LGBTQ+ owned and operated mini micro business and specialty service  that is spreading girly glamour all over the world.- Club Candy Kisses is made possible by princesses like you that love what we do.  This service is the first of it's kind and we hope to continue what we do! We are COMPLETELY operated by the two of us (Mistress even made this website all by herself). Because we are so itty bitty, we are month to month and each order helps us make the magic happen and keep the lights on while we make kitties feel cute.  We are fully independent queers coming from a background that didn't set us up; we started this service with less than $100 in our bank account and a printer, and we will continue to provide that same dedicated level of sincerity & service we always have because our dolls deserve it. Unlike large companies that put no thought into what the send sissies, sweeties, crossdressers and cuties, we provide products & experience to our dolls without raising costs and keeping items authentic, handmade, and sent out with a lot of thought, care and consideration for the community and the dolls inside of it. Mistress & Miss love each and every Candy Kiss.



One of the best reasons of all to become a Candy Kiss is simple, but you've probably figured it out already- you are going to have FUN! And you are going to feel cute. :)

From our surveys to our sissy kits, each package from Club Candy Kisses is created by Mistress to make you feel delicious.  You will never find more fabulous fun then right here, honeybun! This experience is femme fun you just can't miss, and every kit is bliss when you're a Candy Kiss.


And so many more!

There are endless reasons to embrace your girly side with Club Candy Kisses.

And you are here, aren't you? That is no coincidence! ;)

If you need even more reasons, browse around our site and learn how luscious we can make your life. 

Join Club Candy Kisses today and let your girliest side out to play- she'll have way more fun that way!

Stay cute, cupcakes.

Do you need help to decide how to start?

 Mistress can help with that! Click the button below and lets go!

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Club Candy Kisses

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