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Gender Transformation for cuties that want to feel fabulous

Glam Glossary
& Fabulous FAQ

  • Do you ship internationally?
    Absolutely we do. With a tracking number too! We are based in the Southern USA, but we ship worldwide to feminize fairies no matter where in the world they are. We dress up dolls everywhere!
  • What do you suggest?
    We are so glad you asked! Feminization levels are the most fabulous selection of our services! If you need help deciding on one of those, make sure to look them over to see what tickles your fancy and stop by The Princess Process made for you by Mistress Candy if you'd like a guide to help you decide. We also have something NEW and exciting for dolls just like you! Check out our sexy suggestions for you right here. It's perfect for girly guidance straight from Mistress & Miss. The page is called "Mistress suggests...." in our menu! You are going to look sooooo scrumptious! The fem fun starts right away as soon as you place your order. Let's get girly! If you've done all of that and you still need help, please look over our site and see what stands out to you- then contact us *with your budget* & any specifications you may have! Mistress will get back to you as soon as possible with a suggestion, but this may take some time and we want you to get started right away so we can get to the fun parts, which is why she has prepared the above links for you right away. Do NOT contact for a suggestion only to window shop or to shop later; we are busy bimbos, deposit may be required. Stop by our sexy system The Princess Process and be a prissy princess with us~
  • I am private. Are you really discreet, or do you just say that?
    As 2 lesbians living in the deep south, discretion is very important to us! So we understand that is for all of our dollies, too. Almost every member of Club Candy Kisses likes to keep their diva life discreet and it's no problem to keep secrets safe- that's what we do. We have kept the secret safe of over 400 sweeties, and we will continue to keep all princess business 100% private. Here are some steps we take to assure our packages are discreet every time: 🍬 Tracking number provided for the Candy Kiss as soon as the outfit’s composition is complete- and the ability to check on that via email anytime. Miss and Mistress make sure you can watch for the exact arrival of your package so no one sees it but you! 🍬 Plain Packaged mailer- not only is our bubble mailer easy to spot yet not alarming in it’s black plain matte color, it protects and conceals everything inside so the mailman nor anyone else will know what’s inside! The return address will read " New Standard Supplies" for your discretion 🍬 Hidden contents- ‘Oddly shaped’ items are always double wrapped for discretion, don’t worry, doll. We know how embarrassing that can be and would never let that happen to you! 🍬Mystery Masks- want to be advertised and model for your feminizers but worry about remaining anonymous? We can get you a sexy mask for your new outfit, simply make a request in your customization station and keep your face private, princess! Meow, what a pretty kitty! 🍬Alternative Payment Methods- We accept all major credit cards, paypal, sezzle and more. Also, if you'd prefer not to pay via our typical website's check out system and would prefer Cashapp, Paypal, Venmo, or Amazon Gift Cards if you'd like- We got you covered, kitty. Find our alternative payment methods if you really need here here: 💫Our guarantee- All your secrets are SAFE with us! You will never deal with any leak of information, photos, nor 'sissy exposure' unless it is so requested by you yourself in writing. We will never release your information to anyone for any reason unless legally required to. We expect that same discretion from our Club Candy Kisses cuties on our end- respect our privacy please, we would never expose you without consent and you will continue to do the same with us- this is part of the terms of our service, cupcake.
  • Do you have my size? / Do you carry plus size & tall clothing?
    ABSOLUTELY, cutie! Yes, we do. We feminize every size of sweetheart and are completely comfortable shopping & sewing for sweeties of any height, weight, gender or style. Each kit is created and each item is hand chosen for the kittenthat ordered it- so we aren't limited to a specific line of products when it comes to making our princesses look pretty. Simply let us know what sizes you wear in the feminization customization (male or female- we can handle any necessary conversions) and we'll take care of the rest. Don't know your sizes? That's okay! You can also provide your height and weight if you prefer. Super shy sweetie? Don't fret, pet! Request "one size" or "one size plus" clothing if it makes you more comfortable, cupcake. We are all about embracing your inner femme in any way that makes you feel FABULOUS! Remember- dolls of every shape, size and style are 100% scrumptious & sweet. :) Let us show you what we mean! We are here to boost your confidence & make you look cute. Again, we learn all about your sizes, style & princess preferences with our Dream Girl Survey and our Feminization Customization Station. Let's get this party started!
  • I am a new to this. Do I need to start at Feminization Level 1?
    Do you have to start at Level 1? No you don't, dolly! Our feminization levels are based on budget and how much cuteness you want in your kit- the numbers only reflect the intensity of your feminization, so go with whatever kit tickles your fancy, fairy. Pick your favorite, or get as much glam as you can. The higher kit you receive, the more items, glamour, and quality you'll receive- but all our kits are super cute. :) Check out our levels 1-20 and see which are your favorites for maximum makeover magic your way. Each one is more fabulous than the last~ NEW! We also now offer specific types of Mystery & Style Kits! But you can request any style in any feminization level as well. Which one should you get? Need a guide to help you decide? See "The Princess Process" for information for beginners if you're a curious cupcake:
  • What is a "basic" item? / What is a "deluxe" item? / What is a "luxury" item? etc.
    Our tiers define how desirable, rare, and high quality each item is! See our Glam Glossary on this very page for a detailed description of each tier of quality. :)
  • Can I model for you?
    Do you want to model for us? Aww! Yes! We love when girls want to show off how glamorous they look. Look for the "MODELING" tab on our menu or follow the link listed below to find out about modeling your custom kit! When placing your order, you'll get FREE gifts if you mention you want to model, and even more every time you model for us and prove you want to be our pretty princess. Ooohala! All models are rewarded, and lots of them are featured on our site! Prove you'll be a total princess and we'll spoil you, sugar. You can choose to show your face or stay anonymous, and you'll look glamorous while you do it, plus you'll get free gifts and the attention you adore and deserve! Yes diva. Click here to learn about modeling and click here to see some of our models! Please note: all models must go through the route described in the link above, as a new, very small queer owned niche personalized service with only custom products. Thank you for understanding!
  • I am a female/I am nonbinary/I am masculine. Is this just for crossdressers? Can I use your kits?
    Do females/nonbinary/traditional masculine use this service? Absolutely, cutie! You aren't the first of your gender or identity to be a member of Club Candy Kisses, and you won't be the last! The two fabulous feminizers of CCK are both biological females, and we love our bimbofication & feminization fun. It's so empowering to embrace your inner glittery goddess! Dolls, transgirls, girly girls, nonbinary nymphs, sweethearts, strippers, babes, barbies, bimbos, and bad girls more than welcome. We are here to bring glitz and glamours to girls of every gender! As two luscious lipstick lesbians, our mission is to bring femme and fabulous flirty fantstic fun wherever it's needed or wanted- and we think every doll deserves to feel like a diva! Our Dream Girl Survey & Customization Station collect your gender, sizes, style preferences and preferred pronouns and is catered to make every type of cutie comfortable designed to perfect your package for you, princess. :) Our Slumber Party style services are completely gender inclusive and affirming for whatever kind of fabulous femme you want to be. We love every ladies inner goddess! You all deserve to look like divas. You go, girl!
  • What is Club Candy Kisses?
    Club Candy Kisses is the first and only completely personalized feminization service & sissy shop designed to help dolls all over the world feel delicious discreetly. This fabulous experience you can't miss was created by Mistress Elleria Candy with the help of her life partner & fellow feminizer Miss Scarlette Kisses to bring beauty into the lives of all sizes, shapes and genders all over the world. Whether your femme side is brand new or something you're really familiar with, the two feminizers at Club Candy Kisses have something scrumptious just for you. You can't miss this, princess!
  • What is included in your feminization kits?
    Everything you need to feel gorgeous, girly girl! Miss & Mistress pick it all out just for you, with your Dream Girl Survey & Customization Station in hand so that you love every item. Many of the items we select for you were designed with you in mind, as we create or modify a lot of these special items ourselves: we dress you up like a doll. You could get….. -🖤Lingerie (baby-dolls, negligee, club dresses, sexy sets, camisoles, sleepwear, chemises, ravishing robes, bralettes, body stockings, push up bras, bustiers, slips, nightgowns, teddies, BDSM wear, body suits, corsets and more) -🖤Clothes (darling dresses, skirts, tops, tube tops, short shorts, rompers, mini skirts, yoga pants, one pieces, workout clothes, juicy jumpsuits, evening gowns, swimsuits, pretty pajamas, petticoats, blouses, leggings, pants, dance wear, shorts, ensembles, costumes, mini dresses, and more) -🖤Hosiery (fishnet tights, pantyhose, knee highs, thigh highs, cute socks, nylons, garters, and more) -🖤Panties (thongs, g strings, cheekies, tangas, bikinis, sissy panties, bloomers, boy shorts and more) -🖤Accessories & Makeup (chokers, blush, garters, masquerade masks, lipstick, lip gloss, flavored chap stick, wigs, blush, press on nails, eye liner, bracelets, glitter, faux piercings, headbands, scrunchies, nail polish, necklaces, make up brushes, sleep masks, eye shadow, faux tattoos, clip on earrings, and more) 🖤Toys & Fantasy Items because every girl needs something naughty every once in a while! 🖤Special Request Items chosen just for you, to help you do what you do! 🖤Your New Name chosen by Mistress & Miss to go with your new style. Want to pick it out yourself? Choose a name from the Juicy Book of Juicy Names, given by request if needed. Already have a name you love? We can add to it (I.E. Chloe Cupcake, Lexie Bubbles, Genna Darling, etc)or just register you in the club under that name, kitten! 🖤Dream Girl Name Certificate to make your new alter ego official, signed and sealed by your feminizers. This also makes your "dream girl style" official- and it's signed and dated, dolly! 🖤Tasks, Tutorials & Training: from modeling & etiquette training taught by a real beauty pageant queen & dominatrix to makeup & feminization tips from a MUA & cosmetologist cutie, we can teach you to feel fabulous & strut your stuff, or mold you into the girl you've always wanted to be. Optional feminization fun "Hypno-sis" videos guided by Head Mistress Elleria Candy & her assistant Miss Scarlette to help you get in touch with your feminine energy and for amusement purposes also available by request. -🖤 Costumes (sissy maid, princess, naughty nurse, kitty cat, bunny, schoolgirl, slutty nun, sailor moon, jessica rabbit, barbie, angel, devil girl, fluttershy, harley quinn, fox girl, 80's babe pirate wench, vampire, fairy, secretary, sissy doll, flapper and more. Have a specific costume request? Check our sissy kits or make the request in your customization station for the costume you desire.) -🖤 Styles: Be the girl of your dreams! Get a passable gorgeous girl look or be something special. Our customization station and DreamGirl Survey helps you describe what you like and helps us decide what kind of doll you should be. Be your Dream Girl. We can feminize any style. (Examples: princess, bimbo, stripper, girl next door, kitty, rave girl, waifu, goth girl, business/professional, preppy, punk, kitten, grunge, doll, MILF, bad girl, college girl, lolita, eGirl, hipster, diva, sissy, party girl, emo, gym bimbo, fashionista, name it we'll turn you into it, cupcake. Also see our new style kits!) -🖤Custom FEMINIZATION (Requested items or styles, selected sizes, varied budgets, and total fun for everyone. Each kit is unique, just like you. Choose your likes and dislikes and let us get to know you with our customization station & slumber party style survey and let us build a kit just for you. We want you to feel like the cutest you that you can be.) ​ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 And more! Check out our kits and lets get cute, kitty!
  • I already have a femme name I embrace / I have a "sissy name", now what?
    Love it! We'll add to it for your club name- maybe you need a last name. Or a nickname for your new alter ego. Don’t you, Dream Girl? Maybe you want a fun new name all together. Everyone needs a fun new persona every once in a while.... (I.E. Elleria Candy, Scarlette Kisses, Chloe Cupcake, Lexie Bubbles, Barbie Bubblegum...) If you prefer for us to just make your preferred name official with our certificate, simply request so in your Customization Station! :) Your preference will be prompted on your survey after ordering and that's what we'll put on your certificate, sweetie! If the name provided is masculine presenting or none is given, we will simply provide one for you, as usual. ;)
  • I want to fill out your Dream Girl Survey. Where is it?
    We send it to you the same day you place your order, sugar! It’s our brainchild and we only send it out after payment is received, as it is Club Candy Kisses exclusive. Our Dream Dolls have so much fun just filling it out and it’s an important part of our princess process, so we can only send it out to those who are being feminized. In combination with the Feminization Customization Station we send you with your purchase, the Dream Girl Survey helps us find out just how to feminize you. It features over 100 questions we use to get to know the girl you are inside. It's like a slumber party in a survey! 🦄💞 You will receive this femme fun no later than 24 hours after purchase! Then the feminization magic begins......
  • Can I request a certain item? / Do you allow substitutes? / Do you ever make substitutions in your packages?
    YES! Of course! Make any requests you like! :) Are you crazy for skirts or the color red, or maybe you don’t like pantyhose at all or you just have to have kneehigh socks? We totally get it, girl- we’re right here for you. All our kits are custom, so that you get just the right kind of glam! Simply mention your request on your customization station (which we'll send over the same day you order), and we'll get you feeling super gorgeous, girl. ​ Do we ever in cooperate substitutions on our end? On occasion, we'll find something too fabulous to resist that is outside your range of budget, or substitute a multiples of a lower quality item for something more fabulous and expensive, to get you the best package possible. (Example: trade 2 deluxe items for 1 higher quality platinum item, etc.) All our kits are guaranteed to be worth much more than the price paid, as we are smart shoppers, sweet seamstresses and talented stylists who love to spoil our sweeties as much as possible.
  • Why should I join?/ Why is this better than buying my own clothes? / I already have a female wardrobe, now what?
    Hey cutie! Are you wondering why YOU should join Club Candy Kisses, and what makes our service so special? Click here to learn some of the ravishing reasons why you need to sign up to be a Candy Kiss today, or click on "Why Join" in our site menu. :)
  • What is a "Special Request Item" / What can I request for my special request items?
    🤍🍭 SPECIAL REQUEST ITEMS  - is there anything at all specific you'd like included in YOUR kit to help you enhance your feminine fun? Make a request when placing your kit, cutie! All feminization levels include special request items. What is a special request item? Anything YOU desire for your feminization chosen personally for you. Consider us your personal shoppers for your feminization situation! What can you request for your special request items? Anything fun, flirty & fem you would like your feminizers to combine with your kit! ----- *ALL REQUESTS MUST BE LEGAL. No medication or illegal services or items will be provided in any way. *Note: body forms of any kind are only available with feminization levels 10+
  • What is a feminizer? / Who owns & operates CCK?
    Mistress & Miss, your favorite feminizers! The force of femme fun that keeps Club Candy Kisses cute. Meet the owners & operators of Club Candy Kisses, the dolls who will make you look delicious. Mistress Elleria Candy Elleria Candy is a 28 year old Dominatrix & debutante with just under a decade of experience in the fetish world professionally and a life long love of glitz & glamour- She is the head feminizer, Head Mistress & inventor of Club Candy Kisses. Elleria is half goth girl, half barbie doll, all vampire princess & the head bitch in charge. This charm school graduate, psychology major & ex beauty queen knows a thing or two about being a bombshell and she isn't afraid to show it. (Or share it!) Elleria has been putting boys in dresses since middle school and loving the results- she loves to watch a transformation go from drab to fab! This sugary sweet southern belle is here to feminize worldwide- and that means you, boo. Miss Scarlette Kisses Scarlette is a 26 year old cupcake, cosmetologist & feminizer working and living with her fiancee and Mistress dressing dolls and spreading sparkle. She has a passion for fashion & all things girl. This dream girl has an eye for design & delicious details. She is a total dollification diva! This tattooed temptress loves mentoring beginners in the world of beauty and watching them grow into total glam girls with a side of glitter. Scarlette is the definition of a feminizing fairy- She and Head Mistress design all you dream girls and keep you feeling fun, flirty and fabulous. As a couple, Miss & Mistress are equally obsessed with one another and everything flirty & fabulous. These lipstick lesbians are completely inseparable, totally in tune with each other & addicted to love! We started this company as a couple to make everyone feel cute and embrace their inner fabulous femme. We love to make ladies look luscious- and help them experience luxury! We believe every doll should look & feel delicious. We are feminizers, personal shoppers, seamstresses, Mistresses, matchmakers, and more- we want to bring girly glitter to every diva that ever daydreamed about glamour & glitz. Want to know a little more about our romance? We met online- through a mutual interest- and we fell madly in love. We met on a platform with no photos, and then surprise- we we're shocked at each other. We had to meet! Since the day we met, we have never spent a night apart. ...4 years of paradise and counting! One day, we'll get married in the prettiest princess goth girl double bride wedding you ever could imagine. We have 3 cats, too much makeup, a horror movie collection, love to play dress up together and we're lucky enough to wear the same size shoe- even more of an excuse to shop til we drop! (As if a girl ever needs one!) Eventually, one day, if we can, we'll open our very own all-gender makeover boutique for our favorite fairies..... But.... Permanently......we’re ready to make you into a total barbie doll, help your cupcake confidence, and make you feel flirty, fun and fabulous. 💕We LOVE all dolls. Of all genders, styles, sizes, & shapes. We are feminizers 4 ever! We will always be doll collectors and we will always want more girls to make feel magical- are you our newest dolly? How do we define the term feminizer personally? Feminizer: A capable & experienced fabulous femme who wants to help princesses look pretty- a creator of cute! A feminization fairy, A dollification diva. An individual who has the skills, selection and determination to help girls all over the globe. Here at Club Candy Kisses, we take our style seriously and are here to help you do the same. Don't be shy, cutie pie.
  • Are substitutions okay? / Can I make a request?
    Totally! Let us know what you like or don’t like after placing your order and we’ll work with you babe. Almost always, the answer is yes. We love to make girls feel gorgeous! You can mention your preference when placing your order, or do so on the Feminization Customization Station. Our customization station allows you to select what you like or don't like, but if you'd like to leave something out and get more of something else, just mention it there, dear!
  • Should I get a Style Kit or a Feminization Level?
    Ooohlala! All our kits are custom made & created with you in mind, so no matter what you do, you'll look delicious! We base your dream girl design on your personality and preferences, and the vision Mistress has to make you completely cute. Feminization levels are great to discover & develop your style, and style kits are the perfect way to pick your favorite! Though you can mix and match with either one per your request, honeybun. Which kit(s) should you get? If you would like a guide to help you decide, try Mistress Candy's Princess Process: Elleria Candy always encourages cuties to treat them selves to something fabulous, and you can never have too much glamour. Every kit you get is feminizer designed with you in mind! WOULD YOU PREFER YOUR FEMINIZERS TO DECIDE FOR YOU? Are you a super submissive sweetie? Try the "Forced Feminization" Kit and we'll call the shots on your style! You can also enjoy a forced feminization experience with any Feminization Level or style kit of your choice, by request. Your feminizers can't wait to dress you up like a doll! *ALL KITS ARE REQUEST & SUBSTITUTION FRIENDLY :) -- (Do you need help deciding between your favorite kits or need a personal suggestion for your budget? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Serious & same day inquiries only, please.)
  • Is this going to be fun?
    You are going to have a ton of fun, honeybun. And then some! ;)
  • Is there an age limit to your service? / Am I too "old"?
    Our services are intended & invinted for any doll over the age 18 / the age of consent in their country. "Am I too old?" No! We have feminized dolls ages 18 to nearly 80- glamour has no age limit.... We are sure of it :) It's never too late to be a dream girl, and it's never too early, either!
  • Uhm, this is my first time dressing up. What should I do? / What feminization level is right for me?
    Don't be shy, cutie pie! Start with whatever kit makes you feel the most fabulous. Club Candy Kisses is the wonderful way to make yourself feel femme & fantastic! Our feminization levels are more about budget & getting the items that make you feel glam more than a huge decision about style- leave that up to us, doll. We also now offer Forced Feminization for you submissive sweeties, and our Sissy Kits, too- so select the one you think sounds sweet and we'll take care of the rest, princess. Your feminizers will learn about all your preferences and your Dream Girl purrsonality with our customization station and slumber party style survey to introduce you to girl world. You go girl! You get both of those documents with all that fabulous fun within 24 hours of your purchase, kitten. Me-ow! ~Notice: You do not have to start at level 1. Feminization Levels are based on budget, babe! :) Need a guide to help you decide? Try The Princess Process!
  • Where are you girls? / Can I meet you or come into your location?
    Curious about our location? Here you go, gorgeous! Follow the link above or click here to learn information about our location as a current or future Candy Kiss club member. (Pictured: Miss & Mistress, your fabulous feminizers) (Please note that all our services - current, past and future- are 100% legal. Do not contact CCK with illegal activities or indecent proposals, please. There are no illegal activities associated with CCK. This is a professional service- even if it is flirty, fun, and fabulous.)
  • What makes you want to do this? / How did you start doing this?
    Club Candy Kisses was born out of a love of fashion, femmes, personality, and queer cuties everywhere. After years of femininizing, personal shopping and being active in the queer & fetish community, Elleria Candy decided to bring her dollification dreams to the rest of the world and make them easily available for cuties of every size, style, situation & gender. Being a doll doesn't have to be a daydream anymore. Club Candy Kisses is here for girls like you, because you're glamorous. You deserve to look delicious!
  • Do I need to shave? Should I shave my face/body?
    Do you need to shave? Only shave your fabulous face and/or beautiful body if you are able to safely. We believe that a diva is the most delicious when she feels the most comfortable, and we realize that many of our cuties have another side they show the world, so we only encourage shaving if it's consensual and is necessary to make you feel cute. If you prefer to shave, we encourage it, but if you would rather stay the same then we think that's scrumptious too. You'll find delicious dolls in our collection with and without body hair. Both are babe-a-licious in their own way! Be the kind of girly girl YOU want to be, whatever that means. When ordering your kit if you would like encouragement to either shave or let it grow, just let us know. :) **** If you would like shaving tips, a razor, and encouragement included in your feminization kit, you can request them at no extra charge for a limited time. Mention "FREE SISSY SHAVING KIT" with any order over $99 for a free shaving kit & tips to accompany your kit.
  • I have an event, style, character, cosplay, roleplay or bedroom scenario or desire I need to dress for. Can you help me?
    Yes kitten. Check our style kits! Can't find what you're looking for? Order the Sissy Kit or Feminization Level of your choice and make a request for the look of your dreams! We'll get you there, dolly dear. (Examples: "A date night look", Pam Anderson, Cat Woman, Paris Hilton, "Soccer Mom", Cheerleader, etc) Our goal is to make you feel like your definition of glamour, no matter what that is! (Pssst..... want us to call you by a specific name, etc? Just ask, angel!)
  • Can you hypnotize me? / Can you train me?
    Oh absolutely, cutie. You are in the right place! No matter what you need to help you embrace your feminine energy, Mistress Candy & Miss Kisses can film it just for you and put it in a video to help you become your Dream Girl and you can watch it over and over again while you let your inner girly girly come to life! ~Make your custom hypnosis, training, or tutorial video request for any feminization kit that includes a custom video the same day of purchase in our Customization Station and we'll make it happen, miss thang! 🍒 ------ ***All complimentary videos must be requested the day of purchase. *All hypnosis videos created by Mistress Elleria featuring Miss Scarlette are for entertainment/amusement purposes only. Club Candy Kisses is not responsible for your overly feminine actions or any other side effects of our hypno-sis.*
  • Can my feminizers.... MODEL my clothing or wear it for me? / I prefer used clothing, is that okay?
    Can your feminizer fashionistas your clothing for you before we send it to you? Yes! We can model your clothing for your by request. Just ask when placing your order. Would you prefer clothes from our personal collection? All clothing we send out is clean- unless you prefer otherwise. Want something fresh from the wardrobe of your feminizers, like you are there for a slumber party? You got it, girlfriend! Our "feminization customization station" prompts you to tell us if you would prefer used clothing owned by Elleria and Scarlette instead of the default of new clothing, and allows you to make any other specific requests you may have. Absorb any of our natural femme energy in any way you want! ;) This is a no judgement zone! This customization station & service is 100% complimentary. This service not available for purchase and is only free by request. Would YOU like to model your clothing and let us see? Click here to learn about modeling for your feminizers :)
  • I want to look like _____, what should I get? /I want to look a certain way, can you help me?
    Without a doubt. Whether your inspo is a character, a real celebrity, a certain style of girl (girl next door, sissy, kitty, Marilyn Monroe, pin-up, kawaii, emo girl, preppy girl, goth girl, barbie, lolita, dancer, milf or anything else fun & fabulous) we can help you achieve those dreams. We’d love to make you into the girl of your fantasies! Stop by our new "Sissy Kits" and look for your favorite style- or take our detailed Dream Girl Survey & fill out our customization station where we'll narrow down what kind of girl you want to be and you have the chance to tell us how you feel inside. We'l make it happen- and you'll look marvelous!
  • Are you a cult?
    No, we aren't a cult! We are a club. A really, really cute club.
  • I'm looking for something... spicier. Naughtier! What should I do?
    LOOKING FOR MORE NSFW? We can help! Try our sister site- she's a little spicier! NEW: Place any new order with Club Candy Kisses and mention the "SISSY BUNNY SERVICE" for secret spicier specials- not available on our site! Say the magic words and you'll get spicy bunny delights included with every order!!!!! Are you a Sissy Bunny? ---- If you are looking for illegal services of any kind, look elsewhere! If you are looking to be feminized in person, please read the "Our Location" portion of our website. If you are looking for video training of any kind to help enhance your feminization of some kind or used items by Mistress & Miss to embrace our feminine energy, request them after placing your order personally. ^_^ (Remember, we are not looking for live ins, trades of any kind, maids or sissies to hire, pnp, employ for our gain or yours after feminization, to mail you any type of medical supply, or anything of the sort. These requests are very common. Do not contact us with his sort of inquiry.) Again, all our services are 100% safe & legal, past, present and future. ----- If you are looking for something specific after joining the club and worry we may say no, send us an email and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests. We've heard it all- from making cuties into clowns to helping dolls dress to appeal to Godzilla or The Joker. Serious inquiries only. This is a no judgement zone, but please be respectful when communicating to Mistress & Miss EMAIL US AFTER BECOMING A CLUB MEMBER F YOU WOULD LIKE FANTASY INCLUSIONS: DO NOT TYPE NSFW COMMENTS WHILE ORDERING
  • Will you send me hormones? / Write me a prescription?
    No! That is not apart of our feminization process and never will be. Also, do not ask strangers to send you medication online.That is not legal or safe. No! There are many easy to access, discreet, safe, legal easy online ways to get HRT (google it, doll!) and of course, we would be happy to tell any member of Club Candy Kisses how to easily find those kinds of resources of course like many members of the LGBTQ+ community, however we will never prescribe, provide, refer or include any sort of medical advice or medication in any of our kits or through our company whatsoever. Club Candy Kisses is for fabulous FUN, honeybun! We would suggest you to not take medical advice or medication from strangers, feminizers or otherwise, online, for your own safety. As members of the LGBTQ+community, we can assure you there are people that aim to take advantage of vunerable people seeking gender affirming services, and we advise you to find safe, legal ways to obtain life changing hormones. Please do not inquire with us about illegal activities of any sort. INSTEAD experience feminine, flirty fun with our Goddess Elixirs: perfume enchanted by Mistress Candy to enhance your feminine energy. Complimentary with any kit!
  • Did your kits get even more adorable?
    Yes! Thank you for noticing. We improve our femme fun all the time :) Have your store items changed recently? Most likely! As we grow our fabulous fun, we do occasionally make changes to our products in order to make dolls as delicious as possible. All substitutions or alterations to our products and services are in the best interest of our diva dolls and will only increase the value of our feminine fun, as we're always aiming to make our makeovers even more marvelous. Our store gets more marvelous all the time! :) Have you ordered a kit that has recently changed in some way since you placed your order? Don't fret, pet- we create kits as ordered, meaning the contents of the kit you ordered will remain just as delicious and will only be altered in your favor, in the case of a request from you personally or in the event of a Mistress approved substitution of a greater value of some kind. For more information of substitutions of a higher value, please see our "substitution" question in our FAQ. Do you have a question about your kit's contents, substitutions or restrictions? Don't hesitate to reach out to Miss or Mistress and we'll help you out ASAP, kitty cat. You can also browse our Fabulous FAQ for fast, easy answers to most questions. Find more information on our policies page:
  • Do you do couples?
    Yes we do, boo! Couples can split any package they like (we would suggest one with multiple looks, of course) or use code KITTY for buy one get one free kits for individual feminization fun. Simply enter both individual's sizes on your customization station if you would like to fill out the forum as a couple, or send an email to us and we will send you an extra copy of the Dream Girl Survey & Customization station for your other half for free :)
  • I've "purged" girly clothes before. Will this help me recover?
    Yes! We are a perfect purge recovery service for dolls like you that may have had trouble keeping your cute things around in the past. You'll feel more fabulous in your femme clothes when they've personally been picked out by two loving ladies. :) Build that wardrobe back up with Club Candy Kisses- our fun packed custom kits are perfect to make your collection feel special, sweet and delicious.
  • I only want my clothes picked out by one of you. Is that okay?
    ​Try the "Scarlette Kisses" or "Elleria Candy" Sissy Kits! Still want a different kit but have a preference to specifically choose your feminizer? No problem! Yes, we get it! If for some style specific reason (feminization is about being pretty so we get it, kitties) you want either Miss Scarlette or Mistress Elleria alone to pick out or wear your outfit, just specify in your feminization customization station! :)
  • Whose idea was all this?
    Mistress Elleria Candy, that's who! Here to feminize you! Mistress Candy is heavily inspired by fashion, femme, fetish and fun. She thought of Club Candy Kisses and made it happen because it had to. Dolls all over the world needed to be dressed, and she's here to make marvelous makeover magic. .....Though she could never pull it off without the cute cosmetologist and feminizing fairy and other half she so hopes to marry soon- Miss Scarlette Kisses :)
  • Who created your website?
    Mistress Elleria Candy! Yes, she is a very busy bimbo.
  • I have an allergy. Can you accommodate me?
    Yes! But, please contact Miss & Mistress when ordering via email and mention it in CAPITAL LETTERS on your customization station. :) Please note there are felines in the home where our clothing is kept- this is a very pussy friendly place. WE CAN accommodate you if this is an issue, but simply mention this factor- not valid on our rushed shipping option. (Also note: there is naughty nicotine & pretty perfume on the premises. Please mention any allergies you may have. CCK is not responsible for lack of information on your behalf, babydoll.) Contact for Allergies (Please put ALLERGY in headline)
  • Your website isn't working for me / I'm having technical issues. What do I do?
    Oh no! Sorry about that, sugar. Mistress Candy made this entire site all by herself and it is a work in progress, so please pardon any mess. Let's fix it for you! First, try refreshing the page. Then, if that doesn't work you can always clear your cache. At last, you can also try switching devices or trying desktop or mobile depending on your preferences. :) If all else fails, you may always want to look at a 'simplified' version of our page using your browser settings.If you are using firefox or safari, you may want to try to look at the site using a different browser, like google chrome. Feel free to reach out to Mistress & Miss via email for an old school order form if you'd like, or we can also take your order for you manually via email. Don't fret, pet! We want you looking luscious~
  • Can you ship to a P.O. box, or the post office? / I can't receive even normal packages at my house, what can you do for me?
    Yes! We can ship your kit to your home, office, a friend's house, a PO box, or anywhere you want! Also, since we do provide a tracking number, you can request your local USPS or UPS office to hold your discreetly wrapped package for you until you're able to pick it up, too! This is called General Delivery. :) This is a wonderful solution for those who can not receive packages at home- however, with our discreet packages, it shouldn't be an issue at all for you, boo! No one can tell what is inside but you - and even the package's return address reads "Standard Supplies"- it could be anything! Prefer a virtual feminization experience only? Email Head Mistress and ask about availability. Pricing starts at $100.
  • What shipping company do you use?
    We create, style, design, sew, service, photograph, wrap, package & label all our cute customized kits ourselves: we are a 2 girl operation. However once our packages are wrapped up and ready to go, we pass them off to one of several local mail delivery companies to make their way over to you! We ship in discreet packages through USPS or UPS or occasionally by request, FEDEX. All packages are shipped in plain packaging with a return address that reads "New Standard Supplies" for your discretion. All packages are tracked and insured and include FREE replacements. See our pretty policy page for details! Have a specific shipping request, want your parcel delivered to the local post office or prefer gift wrapping? Just ask when or after placing your order! ​
  • What will my customs form say? (For international customers)
    If you are outside of the USA, your customs form will be signed by Elleria Darling and say that your package contains cloth or clothing, because it does. :) ​
  • What will the return address label say on my package? Is it discreet?
    ​ It will say “New Standard Supplies”- we realize that the names Candy Kisses or Mistress Elleria seem a little suspicious, so our packages just read “new standard supplies” in place of a name for your discretion.
  • I bought a feminization kit recently, but after filling out my Dream Girl Survey, I would like a higher level, to add on to my package, or to change my shipping speed. Can I upgrade?
    Absolutely, cutie! We always encourage dolls to get more diva-licious fun. And why not? Girls always want to look gorgeous! Request an upgrade or any add on to your kit by contacting us and we'll get you feeling glam.
  • How can I track my order? / How long do custom orders take to process?
    ​How can I track my order? Contact us at to track your personalized order or to get a time frame estimate for your selected shipping option, size & style with your name or email for a speedy response. When your personalized package has been checked for perfection and sent out for delivery, you will receive a tracking number from us via the email you signed up with. :) All packages are tracked & insured with free replacements in the event of any error on behalf of Club Candy Kisses. See our policy page for details on replacements if necessary. How long do custom orders take to process? Custom order processing times are unique for each feminization experience. :) Since our service and every item included in every order is personalized by the two feminizing fairies of Club Candy Kisses, time frame estimates for makeover magic may vary for each doll on a case by case basis. Select whichever shipping option you wish- we offer a variety to choose from depending on season & availability. Contact us if you need to change shipping speeds, delay an order, or change anything while your personalized fem fun is processing. Psst... here's a tip- check the "Cute Coupon" page! We have personalized package options from 3 days to our typical standard queue time frame. We are the first & only personalized discreet feminization service delivered to your doorstep, catering to every size and style worldwide- so shipping options may vary at checkout depending on your region. Select your favorite shipping option at checkout or contact us for questions, changes, or upgrades. Each custom made kit is completed at a different rate- dependent on their requested preferences, shipping selection, sizes, styles, the current queue, alterations, decorations and princess preferences- but every one is created carefully and with care by your loving feminizer fairies. This is not a "pack and go" operation- every item for every kit is personalized, hand selected, or handmade as quickly as possible with care & consideration by the two of us just for you. All packages are tracked for your convenience with a return label that reads "Standard Supplies" for your discretion. Need your customized kit very quickly or would you like to pause your place in line? SELECT YOUR FAVORITE SHIPPING OPTION AT CHECKOUT or CONTACT US 'Princess Process' TIME FRAME: We take being the world's first & only personalized feminization service seriously- so we put a lot of time, effort, love, and attention into every kit we send out to make them as unique as each member of Club Candy Kisses. No 2 kits or items in those kits are alike- even if the same person orders multiples! Every detail is designed to make YOU look marvelous. We want every girl to look gorgeous, so we do our best to meet typical time frame estimates and make every custom kit cute as possible as quickly as possible. Like most customized services time frame may vary due to demand, scheduling, stock, item availability, customization, coordination, consideration, creation, planning, shopping, styling, sizing, sewing, alterations, discussions, decorations, arranging, packing, shipping, love, lust, creativity and care our feminization fun's time frame completion and customization may vary for each member of Club Candy Kisses depending on factors mentioned above & the shipping option selected, though typical time estimates can change due to the details mentioned above. All tracking numbers for our discreet & delicious packages will arrive via email as soon as possible, depending on the detail of each doll. All packages are INSURED with free replacements in the event of a necessity. Our makeover magic takes a lot of work- but we LOVE what we do! You're going to look GORGEOUS! :) We put details, dedication, care, and consideration into every kit to make them all individual, ideal, flirty, fabulous, and fun. Many of our personalized packages include dozens of items and sweet services, and your kit is no different, honeybun! However, if your kit happens to come very quickly, we still put in all the same detail, doll- you're probably just a lucky lady or you scored scrumptious shipping. ^_^ For order inquiries, add ons, level upgrades, questions ADDRESS CHANGES & shipping schedule modifications please contact us as soon as possible to assure we can take care of you properly :) Not fast enough for you? The two of us do our makeover magic as fast as we can, but if you need it now, we understand the urgency! In some cases, depending on scheduling, size & style, we may be able to ship out your sugar in as soon as 3 days to 3 weeks at your request. Contact us to see if you qualify for an "Skip the Line Shipping" upgrade or other similar enhancement when checking out or after your purchase if you need it now, you naughty girl! Pricing can be found under the emergency makeover tab in our FAQ. Find these faster shipping options during checkout as well during certain seasons depending on stock availability. ------ Time Frame Estimates for Local & International Custom Packages: Standard Shipping (typical customization time may vary based on each custom order, size, and styles) Rushed Personalized (typical customization est. 1-3 wks) Skip The Line Shipping (typical customization est 3 - 6 business days) Enhanced Emergency (rushed typical 1 to 2 day customization) (*Personalized item time frame estimates subject to change and may vary based on demand & careful consideration. Questions? Contact us, cupcake! Find our policies here:
  • Do you offer rushed shipping, or can I skip the line?
    ​Hot Tip: Visit the COUPONS page. Thank us later! Do you have an event that you need a feminization kit for as soon as possible, or are you in a rush? Select your favorite shipping option at checkout! :) Have you already placed an order for your feminization level or custom kit but would like to change your shipping speed? You may be available for an advanced shipping option or for "Skip The Line Shipping"! Reach out to us if you would like to see if it is possible for you switch to this option if you selected Standard Shipping but need personalized package extra fast. You will find estimates below if you're a curious cutie. Time Frame Estimates & local fees for ultra rushed customized kit planning, shopping, creation, customization, arrangement, packing & shipping: Standard Shipping (typical customization time may vary) ($0) Rushed Personalized (typical customization est. 1-3 wks) ($49) Skip The Line Shipping (typical customization 3 - 6 business days) ($199) Enhanced Emergency (rushed typical 1 to 2 day customization) ($250) *Personalized item time frame estimates subject to change and may vary based on demand, season, care & consideration. Questions? Contact us, cupcake! *Global shipments may have a slight difference in pricing Interested in an advanced shipping option? Place your order with your favorite shipping option selected at checkout or ask us if you are available for an upgrade today. *Level Upgrades & Style Kit Add Ons Also Available Contact: ​ *Emergency makeover estimates are not always available and are exclusive- if interested, please ask us if you are eligible for this quicker experience if you do not see the option available to you at checkout, or if you have already place your order. (Factors are: your size, your style, feminization level, item availability, local boutique inventory, worldwide stock shortages, our availability & scheduling.)
  • Will I be getting continuous updates about each step of my custom kit's creation?
    Due to high demand, detail & feminizing dozens and dozens of dolls at a time, we are not able to send out routine updates for every girl we glamorize or our order time would more than triple. However, if at anytime you would like an order status update or to see if you qualify to enhance your order or switch shipping speeds, reach out to us at 💕 What all do we do for the items in your custom kit? We are glad you asked! Many of the items we put in our cute kits are handmade, customized, or one of a kind. Each item for each package in each princess is unique to them. You can see a description of the different steps we take with all the wonderful work we do for you below, if you're a curious cupcake. For each custom kit, your 2 feminizers take the following steps, in various order for each item in each package: discussing planning creativity shopping sizing sewing consideration & coordination styling decorating arranging checking wrapping & packing shipping & more, depending on the personality, preferences, sizes, styles, and customization selections of each diva doll that we dress. Leave all the work to us and then.... Poof! You're a princess. Our makeover magic takes a lot of work- but we LOVE what we do! Feminization is so fun. You're going to look GORGEOUS! :) Once your kit is checked and completed, you'll receive a tracking number via the same email you placed your order with. NOT FAST ENOUGH FOR YOU? We feminize each fairy as quickly as possible, but if you need it now- Try "Skip The Line" Shipping at checkout or ask if an upgrade is available in your circumstance.
  • I am a returning Candy Kiss, do I take the survey again?
    Get back in here, girlfriend! We have even more femme fun for you- and we'll spoil you even more! Should you take the Dream Girl Survey again? If you want to, sweetie! When you get your next kit, you'll get access again, but we do keep your original survey results on file. The survey is super fun, though- so we wouldn't blame you, honeybun! We also add to it all the time! It now has 100 questions- and counting! We do ask that you fill out your customization station again. But if you don't want to, we can work off of what we already know about you, babydoll. Place an order or email us and we'll make sure you're sure you stay as glam as you are, gumdrop. It is time for even more feminization, fairy! :) Questions?
  • How many people work for CCK? / Who will be feminizing me?
    Club Candy Kisses is a microbusiness, owned & operated entirely by two feminizer fairies- Elleria Candy & Scarlette Kisses. The two of us work together personally on every package to make each and every princess feel precious. Mistress Elleria Candy & Miss Scarlette Kisses, the sole operators of Club Candy Kisses.
  • Are you hiring? / Can I work for you? / Can I live with you?/ Can I join your relationship?
    Are we hiring? Not at all, dolly- our skills, dedication, experience & attention to detail are for your feminizers only, but you can still be involved! Do you want to model for us? Aww! Yes! We love when girls want to show off how glamorous they look. Look for the "MODELING" tab on our menu to find out about modeling your custom kit! When placing your order, you'll get FREE gifts if you mention you want to model, and more every time you model for us and prove you want to be our pretty princess. Ooohala! All models are rewarded, and lots of them are featured on our site! Prove you'll be a total princess and we'll spoil you, sugar. You can choose to show your face or stay anonymous, and you'll look glamorous while you do it, plus you'll get free gifts and the attention you adore and deserve! Yes diva. Click here to learn about modeling and click here to see some of our models! Please note: all models must go through this route, as a very small queer owned niche personalized service with only custom products. :) Want to join our Street Team? Spread the word to other femmes, fashionistas or spicy sweeties and bring more beauties to Club Candy Kisses! Ask for your FREE STREET TEAM KIT after placing your order to get a little thank you from Mistress & Miss + a digital file / Candy Kiss club cards to use as icebreakers, invites and to tell the world about your feminizers and the super cute Club Candy Kisses. ------ Club Candy Kisses is owned by Mistress Elleria Candy and operated solely by herself with the help of her life partner and fellow feminizer, Miss Scarlette Kisses. We put a lot of work into our kits, but this is something only we can supervise due to our specific skills & standards. We are designers, personal shoppers, stylists, life coaches, decorators, matchmakers, seamstresses, Mistresses, models & more. We are not looking for any employees, extra feminizers, trainees, volunteers or interns currently, 2022/2023. CCK is entirely run by Mistress & Miss due to dedication, skill, experience, circumstance, schooling, certificates, detail & care. FYI: all services at Club Candy Kisses are 100% legal so please do not contact us with proposals for indecent offers as we are not searching for such. And no dolls, you can't live with us. And yes, we do get this question frequently. "Live in maid" requests (etc) are very common and not necessary, so don't bother, cutie. We are very flattered, but not available due to safety & satisfaction. Thank you! Are we looking for playmates or partners? No- the two feminizer fairies Mistress & Miss are in a monogamous relationship. We hope to get married soon! We are totally flattered though, thank you. To clarify: The two of us aren't interested in any hookups or extra additions- unless you're a specific certain special pair of rockstars we've always been into and in that case, hello! ;)
  • "Basic" Outfit, Lingerie, or Item
    The most ordinary of our fabulous items- but very pretty, because Miss & Mistress picked it out for you. Though cost efficient, our "basic" items remain sexy because we have good taste & happen to be sweet seamstresses. Though "basic" items aren't as rare or luxurious as some of our other more sought after & higher quality items in other levels, they still look lovely. (You will find our "basic" outfits & lingerie looks in Levels 1 - 2 of our Feminization Kits.)
  • "Deluxe" Outfit, Lingerie or Item
    A high quality item, above standard. Sexy! Our "deluxe" items are a step above amazing- they are the introduction to some of the gorgeous glamour Club Candy Kisses has to offer. Deluxe items are just what the name describes- deluxe- and you'll find fabulous fun with each one, honeybun. Want something even more spectacular? Try a higher level, lady!
  • "Platinum" Outfit, Lingerie, or Item
    An even higher quality item with more intense value. Even sexier. These items are often stylized. Occasionally, "platinum" items are super cute cosplays or alluring, adorable ensembles. These are totally tempting, tasty and terrific. "Platinum" items are one of our more fabulous grades of glamour.
  • "Diamond" Outfit, Lingerie or Item
    Our second highest level of quality item with a high level of value, a highly sought after item. Delicious. "Diamond" items are some of Mistress Candy's favorite pieces, adorned with darling details & scrumptious silhouettes to make sweethearts feel sexy. "Diamond" looks are always completely alluring! Ooohlala....
  • "Luxury" Outfit, Lingerie & Items
    Our most coveted & desired items with the highest level of quality and highest level of value. Elaborate. Unique. Our hottest items. "Luxury" items are our most unique, detailed, pretty & prissy fabulous fun Mistress Candy has deemed fit for a princess. Items of this caliber are show stoppers, head turners, and beautiful to behold; you'll look more than gorgeous in this grade of glamour! OMG!
  • Special Request Items
    Is there anything at all specific you'd like included in YOUR kit to help you enhance your feminine fun? Just let us know! What are special request items? They are anything you may use in the bedroom to make yourself feel femme, flirty, fun and fabulous; catered to your preferences - and chosen for you by your feminizers with you in mind. We find out what kind of items you may be interested in with our Feminization Customization Station! Don't be shy, cutie pie. Have a REQUEST for something specific you'd like in your kit? Just make your request when placing your order! We will accommodate you. Don't be shy, cutie pie! You will find special request items in most feminization kits- Our speciality items are often packaged in, ornated with, or are themselves fabulous, jeweled, or uniquely adorable, and always coordinated with your outfit to make you seem oh so seductive.
  • Dream Girl Name Service
    Miss & Mistress pick out a name for our new doll based on both the Candy Kiss Survey you’ve filled out & the outfit we pick for you. First and last name, just your style. (I.E. Chloe Cupcake, Brandi Glamour, Lexi Bubbles.) Have your own name that already makes you feel fabulous? We'll make it official or add to it if you like, angel!
  • Dream Girl Name Certificate
    Complimentary with most packages- a document that includes your new Candy Kiss name, DreamGirl feminization style, date you were named, and official signature from both your feminizers- Mistress Elleria and Miss Scarlette. Look for the official seal- you are officially a doll with this DreamGirl Name Certificate! :) Free duplicates, replacements and/or extra alter egos by request on all future orders for members of Club Candy Kisses. <3
  • Feminization Customization Station
    Sent over with your Dream Girl Survey the same day you order your package, we use our Customization Station form to get to know you and find out what kind of cute stuff you'd like in your kit. Select from a list of sexy things that you find seductive and choose the styles of girly girl that you aspire to be. We prompt the answers out of you that we need to make your feminization tons of fun. You may request certain items you desire, certain color schemes you like, styles that you prefer, and of course your size & other things you’d specifically like.
  • Dream Girl Survey
    100 questions designed by Mistress Candy & Miss Scarlette to put you in the femme fun headspace an learn all about your girly girl dreams and desires. We use this survey as part of our feminization formula to make sure your style is exactly what it should be- perfect and just for you. This quiz feels like a slumber party in a survey and feels like a girly game- one that's ALL ABOUT YOU! This survey you will receive the same day you place your order is kinky, cute, and made for cupcakes just like you. Club Candy Kisses an this Dream Girl Survey is affirming for all genders and super sweet, you are in for a total treat! The Dream Girl Survey is sent over to you personally by Mistress & Miss in combination with the Feminization Customization Station the same day you order your package to start of your experience and make you feel alluring. Your feminizers will use your Dream Girl Survey, your customization preferences, your budget, your sizes and style to make your kit as cute as can be. This delicious Dream Girl Survey allows us to get to know you and find out what kind of fabulous fun you need to feel fabulous- because you are, babydoll! This sexy slumber party style sissy-rific survey is sure to put a smile on your face. Sign your name at the bottom and take the princess pledge to officially become a Candy Kiss and an official member of our club, and let Mistress Candy turn you into a princess, personally.
  • Feminization Levels
    Budget based tier that determines the amount of glamour you receive. Choose which one is right for you! Need help deciding? Try The Princess Process~
  • Sugar Survey / Matchmaking
    We love playing cupid for kittens. Our matchmaking service is complimentary with many levels of feminization (check their descriptions for details) for submissives and switches and open to the alphas of the public currently- we love to help feminized fairies feel confident and and our Sugar Survey is designed to learn all about the kinky cutie you are inside, your interests and your dating desires and help us find a suitable dominant to match you up with, in your area, willing to travel, or for online play. Results are never guaranteed, but we are always here to help, honey bunny! We can begin the search for you once you express interest in matchmaking and send photos in your feminization kit to verify your identity. :) Photos are required for matchmaking for both parties. Discreet dolls still accepted, as many of our surveyed prospective partners are professionals.
  • Mistress Worn Clothing / Used Clothing / New & Clean Clothing
    CLEAN CLOTHING is what will be sent in your kit unless you request otherwise. ---------------- However, if you prefer- USED previously owned & worn by your feminizers is available, sent by request only. 👙 This is great for diva dolls that want to embrace the energy of your glam goddesses! You can easily request used clothing when ordering, and are prompted to choose the option if you'd so like in our Feminization Customization Station. -------------- ⭐️Again, clean clothing hand selected (or hand made) just for for you is sent by default. ⭐️
  • Goddess Elixir
    Perfume in unique original Candy Kiss scents to make you feel fabulous, then blessed by your goddesses to help enhance your feminine energy, usually by the light of the full moon. Have some magick, miss thang! Current flavors: Bubblegum (Fairy Fizz), Rainbow Lollipop (Mermaid Tears), and Satin & Sugar (Vampire Kisses). You go, girly girl! Prefer a custom enchantment or more intimate elixir filling? Just ask!
  • Vials
    Glass tubular bottle like container of your choice of of filling, typically filled with Goddess Elixirs.
  • Video Tutorial / Training / Custom Digital Item
    Custom Video: Available in some feminization kits by request only, this is your chance to get a personalized video from Mistress & Miss to make your feminization fun. Request the subject and style you need to make you feel like a Dream Girl and watch it as many times as you like to help you embrace your feminine energy. (Possible video subjects- makeup tutorial, modeling tutorial, etiquette training, slumber party style videos, girl talk, sissification, feminization, , demonstrations, outfit modeling, personalized suggestions via video, hair and wig styling tutorials, outfit coordination, dating advice, yoga instruction, How To Be A Dream Girl Tutorials in any style (goth, bimbo, diva, sissy, egirl, doll, etc), charm school style videos, etc. Request anything you like on your customization station the day you place your order. No judgement here, miss thang!
  • Candy Cream
    A Mistress made melty body butter to keep you soft, sweet, and sexy! We put this shimmery lotion into little crystal covered pots to make you feel like a princess and make your skin feel sweet. Not for consumption.
  • Pots
    Circular containers that hold your favorite cosmetic filling, typically covered in crystals & filled with Candy Cream (our glittery body butter).
  • Clothing
    Darling dresses, skirts, tops, tube tops, short shorts, rompers, mini skirts, yoga pants, one pieces, workout clothes, juicy jumpsuits, evening gowns, swimsuits, pretty pajamas, petticoats, blouses, leggings, pants, dance wear, shorts, ensembles, costumes, mini dresses, sleep dresses, scrumptious sets, sexy shirts, alluring ensembles, beautiful bathing suits, lovely lingerie, naughty negligee and more)
  • Panties
    Thongs, g strings, cheekies, tangas, bikinis, sissy panties, bloomers, boy shorts and more
  • Lingerie
    Baby-dolls, negligee, club dresses, sexy sets, camisoles, sleepwear, chemises, ravishing robes, bralettes, body stockings, push up bras, bustiers, slips, nightgowns, teddies, BDSM wear, body suits, corsets and more
  • Makeup
    lip-gloss, lipstick, faux lashes, eye shadow, lip oil, eyeliner, girly flavored chapstick, lip liner, nail polish, glitter, blush, contour, mascara, etc
  • Accessories
    Choker, rings, scrunchies, garter, gloves, scarves, necklace, kitty ears/other animal ears, sleep mask, faux tattoo pack, boas, masquerade masks, faux piercings, bracelets, arm warmers, headbands, sweat bands, clip on earrings, rings, costume accessories, ankle bracelets, legwarmers, etc
  • Hosiery
    pantyhose, thigh highs, knee highs, garters, leg warmers, arm warmers, pretty socks, fishnets, etc
  • Candy
    Candy included in kits- to make your feminization fun as sweet as you are, sugar! We send out a mix of candy with our feminization kits to match your new look. Have a specific request? We don't judge- just ask, angel! / Alternate definition- Mistress Candy : dollification diva!
  • Discreet / Discretion
    Is Club Candy Kisses discreet? Yes we are, angel! Your package will arrive in the most discreet manner . possible. For starters, we provide a tracking number so that you can watch for your package and make sure that you are the first one to see it arrive because you’ll know exactly when it gets there! Second, our packages arrive in a black bubble mailer- easy to spot but not particularly suspicious, and bubbled to conceal it’s inner contents! Third, the return address on our packages will read “Standard Shipping” instead of our suspicious sounding names. The inside of your package is juicy, but the outside looks ordinary! No one will know what’ cuteness is coming for you, cutie. For more information on how we keep things neat & discreet, see our fabulous FAQ. :)
  • Feminization
    Fabulous, femme, flirty fun designed by Mistress Elleria Candy & Miss Scarlette Kisses to turn you into your dream girl! Our Feminization Kits have everything you need to embrace your inner girly girl. Feminization Levels 1-20 are based on budget and how much girly glamour you want in your personalized package. We learn your sizes, styles, and selections to make you feel scrumptious! Select the one that feels right to you, and we'll do the rest, princess. :) Need a guide to help you decide? Try The Princess Process!
  • Sissification
    Sissification is all about being overly feminine and a total sl*t! Sissy girls are always ready to romp & look ravishing. Our sissification kits are divided into styles so you can select what kind of sissy you want to be! Sissy kits are for every gender, size & style of sweetie- select your favorites and let's make you feel flirty! ;) Can't decide on just one? Try a coupon! Want to mix and match? Try one of our Feminization Levels 1-20 and request the sissy styles you desire! ;) We'll turn you into your dream girl, sissy style!
  • Model / Modeling
    A Club Candy Kisses model is a Candy Kiss club member who takes photos in their feminization fun to be shown off, honeybun! :) With signed consent from the cutie in question, we offer the opportunity to have your pretty photos shared with the world: be displayed on our our TikTok, our Instagram, our Fetlife, and most importantly, Elleria Candy's Doll Collection right here on our website! Mistress Candy may even ask you to pose in specific ways! Lucky girl~ FULL FACE NOT REQUIRED. (MODELING IS 100% OPTIONAL. Consent required.) Find more information about modeling when you follow the link below and join The Doll Collection today! --- Alternatively or also, you can request Mistress & Miss to model your clothes FOR you and show you how to strut your stuff or look feminine and fabulous before we send them to you. Simply request us to "model your clothes first" when ordering.
  • Feminizer
    How do we define the term feminizer personally? Feminizer: A capable & experienced fabulous femme who wants to help princesses look pretty- a creator of cute! A feminization fairy, A dollification diva. An individual who has the skills, selection and determination to help girls all over the globe. Here at Club Candy Kisses, we take our style seriously and are here to help you do the same. Read through our site to find out more about how fun it is to be femme with our personalized packages and join the club, because you deserve to be cute. Don't be shy, cutie pie.
  • Is your shipping discreet? / Do you have my size?
    Completely discreet, doll! Even the return address will read "Standard Supplies" and it will be shipped in a plain black package. No one will know what's inside but you. All 'strange' shapes inside the package will be concealed for your privacy and though the inside will look delicious, the outside will be as discreet as can be. It'll be our little secret! You can see even more about how we keep sweetheart's secrets safe in our fab FAQ if you're a curious cupcake. Every package is discreet, every time. :) ------- Do we have your size? Absolutely, cutie. Every one of our kits is unique and custom- that means we build it around the babe that ordered it. You tell us your sizes and we shop for or create something perfect for you, sizes XXS to 5X and over. You tell us about your sizes, style, personality & preferences with The Feminization Customization Station & Dream Girl Survey, sent over with every kit purchase. Sooo fun! ;) If need be, we can convert male to female sizes, or even build a kit based off of height or weight if you prefer. (If you don't tell us your size after placing your order, or if want to be totally vague, we can still get you something stunning- we can always provide "one size" and "one size plus" options also that will that will stretch to fit any size sweetie and look sultry!)
  • I want to look a certain way. Can you help me?
    Oh yes, princess. Absolutely! Make any requests you have for your feminization in the kit of your choice & we'll get you taken care of. From good girl to bad girl and everything in between- Club Candy Kisses can make your dream girl fantasy a reality! See our Feminization Kits Here:
  • What city are you girls in? / Do you come to my city?
    Curious about receiving the Club Candy Kisses experience in person? Here you go, gumdrop!
  • Feminization Kit or Style Kit?
    Ooohlala! All our kits are custom made & created with you in mind, so no matter what you do, you'll look delicious! We base your dream girl design on your personality and preferences, and the vision your feminizers have to make you feel completely cute. Feminization Levels 1 - 20 are a delicious way to discover & develop your style or mix and match your favorites, and Style Kits are the perfect way to pick your favorite! Which kit should you get? If you would like a guide to help you decide, try Mistress Candy's Princess Process: Mistress Candy always encourages cuties to treat them selves to something fabulous, and you can never have too much glamour. Every kit you get is Mistress designed with you in mind! WOULD YOU PREFER YOUR FEMINIZERS TO DECIDE FOR YOU? Are you a super submissive sweetie? Try the "Forced Feminization"Kit and we'll call the shots on your style! You can also enjoy "a forced feminization experience" with any Feminization Level or stylekit of your choice, by request. Mistress Candy can't wait to dress you up like a doll! *ALL KITS ARE REQUEST & SUBSTITUTION FRIENDLY :) -- (Do you need help deciding between your favorite kits or need a personal suggestion for your budget? Contact us and Mistress or Miss with your budget and will get back to you as soon as possible. Serious & same day inquiries only, please.)
  • How can I track my order?
    Once your kit is out the door, you'll receive an email at your provided address from our shipping company with the tracking details. :) Please allow a few days for the details to update in case of any delay. Are you curious about the estimated time frame for the shipping option you selected and all the steps we take to make your one of a kind kit super cute in your size and style? Stop by our Fabulous FAQ under "how long do packages take to process" for more details, dolly. Have you not received your tracking information yet? That means your custom kit is still being created! Check the FAQ for time estimates & if you are curious about skip the line shipping upgrades or order status, contact customer service at: Do you need to update your address or change your shipping information? Contact us right away at ------- (Psst- All orders are guaranteed with replacements incase of misdelivery on our behalf with reciept. Don't fret, pet!) Stay cute, cupcake. XOXOXO

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