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Club Candy Kisses  PRESS KIT

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PRESS CONTACT: Elleria Candy, Owner & Operator -

Who We AreClub Candy Kisses, your feminization station

What We Do: We are the first & only feminization service creating custom kits worldwide. Our unique system experience provides a way for dolls of every gender, size and style to experience the feeling of feminine fun in a way that is discreet, safe and really sweet. We believe every bimbo should feel beautiful.

The Team: Just the two of us! Club Candy Kisses is run entirely by Mistress Elleria Candy & Miss Scarlette Kisses, a princess power couple! 

Our Mission: To bring fabulous fun to everyone. You're next, princess!




....Poof! You are a princess.


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  • Club Candy Kisses will never disclose any of your private information to anyone for any reason whatsoever. Any cookies or information gathered on this site is only required to make feminine fun more fabulous and enhance your experience personally while shopping at Club Candy Kisses; your privacy is important to us. Likewise, we expect the same discretion & respect. Play nice, princess!

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  • How do we ship our products?

Though we do offer digital surveys the same day of purchase included with most purchases,  the majority of our products are shipped via our shipping company, Pirate Ship, using USPS or UPS. We do offer tracked & insured shipping with all purchases, and if a product is returned to us/is defective we offer free replacements. We are not responsible for import duties and taxes. If you prefer your product to be shipped via FedEx, please contact us. :)

  • Are shipping time frame estimates guaranteed?

  • We always do our best to get our kitties looking cute as quickly as possible! We always do our very best to honor all time frame estimates to our best ability in every circumstance. Due to a number of femme factors (such as demand, queue, stock, alterations, creation and each individual doll's selections, styles, sizes, personality & preferences)-  time frame estimates for shipping may vary for each individual. 

          You can learn more about our process for each item in each kit, typical time frame for the option you selected at checkout, and all of the other diva dollification that goes into feminizing every fairy in our Fabulous FAQ if you are a curious cupcake.   

Do you need your customized feminization fun FAST? Try one of our expedited shipping options available at checkout when making your purchase, or contact Club Candy Kisses to see if it's possible to speed up shipping in your exact personalization situation. 

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Club Candy Kisses is a personalized service in all aspects & all sales are final.

Every item in every kit or for every personalized item is  handmade, hand selected, custom made, decorated, & reserved for your personal experience.

Due to the fantasy & custom nature of our program, the same day delivery of our style surveys, and our return policy stated at checkout, we are not able to offer exchanges or refunds- however we do offer FREE replacements in the event of a lost or damaged product with proof of receipt within 7 days of delivery to make sure you get your glitz & glam. All packages are tracked & insured to for our records & your convenience. (Small shipping fee may apply in some circumstances.) We will always do our best to make you feel marvelous.

 In the rare event of a payment processing issue or inappropriate conduct, harassment, or situation deemed necesary Club Candy Kisses reserves the right to cancel any service or Club membership if absolutely necessary

We make our cupcakes look cute and we like to keep it that way- so 

 If you have any issues whatsoever, please contact us at and we'll make it right and get back to you with a solution ASAP, kitty cat. Stay cute!

Our feminization kits include sugary sweet satisfaction & glitzy glamour guaranteed! If you are unsatisfied with your personalized purchase in any way, please contact your feminizers about our "GLAM GUARANTEE"- your next feminization kit will be 2x as glamorous, because we guarantee you'll feel girly, femme, flirty and fabulous. 



Most items featured in our kits are handmade, decorated & dainty- some change may occur on occasion.

As the instructions included in your package insist, please handle it's contents carefully to avoid knocking loose gems, bows, lace, or altering femme fabrics & you can stay super cute, cupcake.


Looking for policies and legal information? Scroll down through this page and find all you need!


We want to bring everyone as much femme fun as we can- due to our continued efforts to keep girls feeling glam, prices, products, services & typical time frame estimates are subject to change without notice in order to provide the most marvelous experience possible for every single princess. That includes you! We are the first and only service of our kind worldwide, and we love to make each personal experience alluring & adorable because each personality is precious. In the circumstance of substitution or a similar situation, we always look for the most luscious solution possible to help every princess. See our Fabulous FAQ for more info.If you have any questions or concerns about any custom item, reach out to us so that we can make even more magic happen. 


CONTACT HOURS: Tuesday - Friday, Noon - Midnight.

Some delay may occur due to demand.

Customer Service Email:

Text Line: (272) 4-BARBIE 

Head Mistress:

Miss Scarlette:


Note: For our personal safety, the physical location of Elleria Candy & Scarlette Kisses   is not published online  anywhere

Find  other "Legal Information" below!


Pricing for products varies depending on the individual item.

 Currently, you will find products varying in price from $5 to $2,000. See our shop pages below for accurate pricing per product.

Our Feminization Kits

Our Sissy Kits



2023:  Page under construction!


Legal Info/Name: Candy Kisses / Club Candy Kisses


Phone Number: (272) 422 - 7243

Return/Refund/Privacy Policy/Press Kit: See the top of this page!


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