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🩵🤍🩷Happy Trans Visibility Day! 🏳️‍⚧️

Good afternoon gorgeous!

Hoppy Easter, sweet dolls. 🐇🌸

Hop, hop, hop....

This is your Head Mistress writing to tell you that you're a total treat, who is good enough to eat. :)

Whether you're spending time with family today or at home with for a day of play.....

🏳️‍⚧️🩵🤍🩷 It is Trans Visibility Day!

Trans girls, guys and theys- you are loved and you are valid. You are each wonderful and oh so special! Today is also a day for you.

No matter what your plans are today, take a moment to celebrate yourself, your journey, and the other members of your super cute community because the world is so much more marvelous with you in it. :)

Thank YOU for being YOU! 💖

Miss Scarlette and myself are so proud of all of you lovely bunnies no matter where you lie on the gender spectrum- or if you’re out of the closet on this day of celebration or not: you deserve to feel as delightful as you are, little star. ⭐️ ✨

Love & kisses-

Miss & Mistress

(Particularly: Head Mistress Candy )

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Mar 31

Thank you both so very very much for your kindness and generosity that has so assisted me on my journey of discovery, and thank you so much Queen Elleria - Goddess of the Sun - for your wonderful uplifting words. May you always shine out like a beacon when all around is dark. With love from Miss Lili Alice Amethyst. X X Kiss kiss X X😘

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