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💞 🔥Naughty New Year? That's Right!

Updated: Jan 30

Hi cupcakes and happy 2024.

Here's a few cute tips from Head Mistress to make this January extra special and sexy....

  • Be a daring little doll and wear your prettiest panties under an outfit you'd normally be more casual in- and see how it brings a smile to your face! That confidence is sooo cute on you.

  • Try something (in private or in public) extra glitzy, glamorous and gleaming to bring a metallic mood to your look and make you look ready to party or play. Anything from one of our kinky cute kits that shines or sparkles will do! Lacking some glitter? Try some lipgloss on your eyelids for a tacky wet look you'll love.

  • Ring in the new year and reward your sensual side with something yummy and sweet, because the girly girl in you this year deserves a treat!

There you go, girlies. We hope that makes your month a little more magical ;)

This is going to be your most glamorous year yet! Mistress Candy wants you to indulge your girly side all year and be NAUGHTY! 💞🍭✨

.....And remember- since you're with Club Candy Kisses, you're already delicious.

We want you EXTRA girly this year~

Mistress Candy, head feminizer

Stay cute :)

Love you, bunnies!!!

XOXO kiss kiss

Mistress & Miss

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1 Comment

Mistress and Miss the two of you make this the most wonderful site on the net. as a total sissy sub i just love it here. thank you for making this place so great.😌

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