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Scarlette Kisses' Top 5 Favorite Candies & Costumes🍭🎃

Hi creepy kitties~

This is your feminizer fairy Miss Scarlette! I am hoping you had a day full of kinky cuteness! I am soooo excited for Halloween, the free sets I'm giving all my feminized fairies this week and our slutty sale for you cute Candy Kisses :)
Being girly is so delicious! I thought I'd make a quick list of my favorite candies and matching costumes to get you in the spirit of Samhain and to keep you feeling fem this fall. Check it out and get to know your favorite fairy's sweet tooth a little better and inspire your inner trick or treater, too. So without further adieu.... let's get spooky and cute!!!


Miss Scarlette's Top 5 Candies & Costumes

(for all kinky cuties)

1. Hershey's Kisses (and Kitty Cats)

Smooth sweet kisses made of candy. They are so scrumptious in every flavor and for every season- but for Halloween I think they're extra sweet!

Meow! I have to say that my #1 pick for Halloween hotness is the reliable, adorable, never out of style favorite The Kitty Cat Kit: a slutty classic for a reason this season!


2. Tootsie Pop (and pin up girls!)

Sexy fun and two candies in one! How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
What about a pin up girl? Lol! Something that always knocks me out is a bombshell! Be the cutest at any costume party with a Pin Up Kit and see how dreamy you can be.

3. Bubblegum Pop Rocks (and fairies!)

Pop, pop, pop. Feel those bubblegum flavored tingles on your little tart tongue! I have always loved pop rocks, and they're even more magical when they taste like bubblegum :)
NAUGHTY TIP: Use these during oral sex to be cute AND kinky!
Pop into a pixie and enchant everyone with a feminine Fairy Kit fit for a princess and look precious ✨ Honestly I have always felt like a fairy, and it's such a fabulous way to feel!

4. Strawberry Nerds (....and schoolgirls)

Nerds are tart and tasty and perfect for a sneaky little snack. We all know that strawberry flavored nerds are the sweetest!
And you can never go wrong all year wrong with a spicy Schoolgirl Kit. It even comes with hot homework from Mistress to put you in your pretty little place. Oh, and get lots of extra credit if you double the naughty fun with the world's cutest combo, the Maid & Schoolgirl Bundle.

5. Pink Starbursts (and princesses!)

Mmmm, creamy! Pink starbursts are clearly superior and I know that everyone agrees with me there. And of course like all the best things in life- they're bright princess pink!
Get pretty and prissy with a perfect Princess Kit and be ravishing royalty, officially. You'll even get a feminizer signed Princess certificate to match your new cute costume. It is sooooooooo precious to be a princess!


Oh my god, girl!
Look at all that cute CANDY!!!!!! Now all you are missing are some KISSES. Hehe!
Don't worry, dolly. I'm sending you lots of black lipstick Halloween kisses from myself & Mistress.
I hope you had as much fun reading my little list and that I helped you choose a super cute costume from your loving Mistress & Miss! Do you just adore one of these candies and costumes combinations that I pointed out for you? Let me know with a vote on my pretty little poll! If you have a different favorite candy you should let me know it the comments, too. I'd love to hear from a cutie like you~

Favorite Candy/Costume Combo

  • Hersheys Kisses / Kitty Cat

  • Tootsie Pop / Pin Up Girl

  • Bubblegum Pop Rocks / Fairy

  • Strawberry Nerds / Schoolgirl

Thanks for voting cutie!
Remember to keep reading to find links to my extra special SLUT SALE and my free Halloween Slut Sets, too. I know you need something scrumptious, boo! 👻🖤🍭

Happy hauntings, hotties. Your feminizer fairy-


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