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Tasty Tests & Sexy Surveys for your fem, sissy, bimbo or doll fantasy

Hi cutiepie! My name is Miss Scarlette Kisses.

I am one half of the feminizer dream team taking care of cuties at Club Candy Kisses.

I am so excited to post my first update on The Bimbo Blog! I love all my dollies and I hope your day has been as doll-a-licious as you are, superstar~
Let me tell you about some of our tasty tests and surveys we give our girls here at your feminization station.
Scarlette Kisses, a feminine presenting person with long blue hair that almost reaches her belly button, dressed in white bottoms and fishnets with bows and a black lace bralete, waves a fairy wand that is glittering.  She looks very confident with her heavy makeup and pouty lips! There is text that reads "Scarlette Kisses - Club Candy Kisses".
The Feminizer Fairy! Miss Scarlette Kisses
Dolly alert!!! 💞 Being a diva is so delicious.

I have a cute question for you.....
Have you gotten a chance to take ALL our hot tests and sexy surveys?
They are all totally scrumptious! Each one is different and helps us get to know our hotties in the most marvelous way.
Find out which ones are perfect for you and follow the links I'll leave below to get girly. These tempting tests and sexy surveys change all the time just like you do, so they're always fun to go back to!
😘 Did you know that Mistress Candy and I love to analyze our personal pets so we know their girly side very best? That's why we give them all a tasty test!


Included & requested surveys sent to all dolls within 24 hours of their sexy service booking or kinky kit order for instant fetish fun 🖤But you can complete them at your leisure!


Surveys by Mistress & Miss

(100 question test from Mistress Candy to see what kind of Candy Kiss you are)

Our signature service starter!
This survey is included with all sexy services Levels 1-20 from Club Candy Kisses, as well as all style kits and mystery kits. It lets us get to know your girly side completely and teaches you about your femme self too, made by us just for you. It is constantly updated and made more marvelous to get to know the new YOU! Click here to browse our site and learn more
In this dainty delicious Dream Girl Survey, there is even a space at the bottom where you take the super cute "Candy Kiss Pledge" and swear to be a girly, flirty, femme, sweet Candy Kiss! It is such bliss!
As we encourage and if you would like, you can even sign at the bottom to claim your dream girl status and make your entry to Club Candy Kisses completely official. And the pledge you will be taking is all about being the best dolly you can be. It's such a cute thing to do! Like our Mistress says "this ain't the boy scouts, sugar!"
Each time we preform a fem service for you, you'll even get a certified, stamped Dream Girl certificate complete with your new club name, your certified club styles, signatures from both your feminizers and the date we named our new dolly. The Dream Girl Survey, along with our super cute customization station, is crucial in making each doll look delicious! Though as you know, Mistress calls the shots for every scrumptious little sweetie ;)


(to enter our kinky matchmaking system)

We love to pair up princesses or find dominants for our femmes to make them feel flirty, fun and fabulous. It is so delicious to play cupid for kinky kitties!!!! Find out how to enter our free matchmaking system and stop by this page when you click this link to learn more about our free kinky cute cupid service, included only for our most highly feminized fairies.


(for sissies only)

Sissy exclusive! Our services are for girly girls of all styles and genders, but if the "SISSY" side of things makes you feel extra prissy you will adore our extra kinky, extra cute, extra SISSY-LICIOUS survey! This is included by request with any Club Candy Kisses service or kit for free and will include a free pair of bunny ears when you ask for the "Sissy Bunny Special" as an extra bonus add on. You can also get this survey without our Dream Girl Survey or princess process system with our new sister site Sissy Bunny which we will link for you right here.


and finally our

(Top secret! Fetish dolls only!!! This survey is for dolls that potentially want to be dominated by us)

Do you want to be owned and contracted to be submissive to myself Miss Scarlette Kisses and Mistress Elleria Candy?🖤 Let the two of us learn all about your fetish fantasies in vivid detail and then if you want to, you can optionally sign at the bottom to be our personal pet. Then your all ours, slut! The infamous Slave Survey by Mistress & Miss is FREE by request after completing your Dream Girl Survey. Custom kit required! To claim your free slave survey and slave contract, send us an email with your order number the same week you place your custom kinky kit order and Mistress will provide it to you right away. This is required when booking a free personalized double domination video, included by request in any feminization level including a custom video. The Slave Survey is all just total fun for getting to know your submissive side! If and when you find another Mistress or Master and desire your contact to be passed onto a superior, you can contact us for a transfer. This sexy slave survey lets Mistress and I into your mind..... you dirty little doll! I myself personally am also a signed slave to Mistress Elleria Candy, and I am forever her pet. Let us both own you and get inside your girly little head with this sexy survey!


Yay!!!!! Aren't those all totally tasty? You will love filling them out! And we will love reading them.
All of these scrumptious surveys result in soooo much personalized pretty fun.
Have a bimbo blast clicking around our improved site & see what we have in store for a slut like you. As always angel, I am so proud to present all this new femme fun to a pretty doll like you :)

So now that I've covered a couple cute basics about our sexy system, I wanted to point out some new stuff you may find femm-a-licious~

Make sure you also stop by our new page called THE FEMINIZERS if you want to get to know the two of us a little better like we obviously want to know you 😘

One more thing! If you want a suggestion from your favorite ladies at the feminization station, Mistress Candy has made a sparkling, shiny surprise to guide our girls from fantasy into reality: It's called "Mistress Suggests...."
And I even have my very own list of recommendations I'd love to see you looking dreamy in, too. You can find the link to that pretty page right here and start our stunning system today.

I really can't wait to make makeover magic happen with you!!!!!!!

Let's get girly ~

XOXOXO sending all my fairy dust and feminine wishes....

Miss Scarlette Kisses

A pink light casts over a long haired girl's back as she turns around and bites at her thumb. Half her face is hidden from the camera but you can see that she has tattoos and piercings, and  she is wearing a tiny PVC maid costume. There is text in the top right corner that says "Feminization by Club Candy Kisses" encased in a pink heart.
Be Flirty. Be Fun. Be fabulous!

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