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Hey bad girl!

Updated: Jan 30


Careful- or you may get a spanking!

Hey hotties, it's Mistress Candy. 🍬

As you may know I am a busy bimbo- but I'll always take a second out of my day to remind my dolls what bad girls they've been! ;)

I hope your 2024 has been as fabulous so far as you are, little star. The new year has started and for the occasion I happen to have a tasty tart tip for you, too.

Bad Girl Tip:
Don't be afraid to get lipstick on everything! Your glass, his glass, those pants... or that ass!


Sometimes it can be good to be a little bad, don't you think?

Why not treat your inner bad girl to something scrumptious

Brought to you by Mistress & Miss.

We both want you to be the kind of girl nobody can resist! :)

💗 Find your Dream Doll designs customized by your feminizers just for you! Featured low pricing on all FEMINIZATION, SISSIFICATION, BIMBOIFICATION, GOTHIFICATION, MAKEUP, JEWELRY, LINGERIE & MORE! ✨

I want you to come check it out, cutie. I love delicious little dolls!

💗 Remember: bad girls do it so good!

Love you so much sugardoll-

XOXOXO kiss kiss,

Head Mistress


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