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20. ULTIMATE CANDY KISS feminization kit

by Club Candy Kisses

(💓 Maximum Feminization 💓)

"As girly as can be!"

(A whole new wardrobe, identity, and more. This kit can be a life changer.)



Digital Items:

You will receive within 24 hours of booking your feminization...



🤍 Entry to our slumber party style Candy Kiss Survey, so we can get to know you and what kind of Candy Kiss you are inside. This also is your entry into being a member of Club Candy Kisses! ✨ (100 questions to turn you into a cutie!)

🤍 Exclusive access to our Feminization Customization Station, so we can learn about your size, style, preferences and personality.



Physical Items:


🤍 Your very own new Candy Kiss name & a physical copy of your Candy Kiss Certificate, with your new name & styles made official. Sealed and signed by your new feminizers!

🤍 7 or more Luxury pairs of Panties selected by Scarlette & Elleria

🤍🍭 BONUS! 7 FREE Toys or Sexy Items - chosen for you for femme fun. A whole little colletion!

🤍 7 Luxury Dream Girl outfits or lingerie looks 

(Prefer fewer outfits, and just more detail in those looks? Simply ask, sugar.)

🤍3 makeup sets

🤍 3 accessory sets

🤍 2 pairs of deluxe hosiery, to make you look hot

🤍 SPECIAL REQUEST ITEMS - is there anything at all specific you'd like included in YOUR kit to help you enhance your feminine fun? Just let us know!

🤍 1 girly storage bag

🤍 1 Sticker Set or Extra Accessory

🤍 4 Goddess Elixir Perfume Vials, enchanted to enhance your feminine energy

🤍 Hair Bow or Beautiful Bracelet to complete your look

🤍 Adjustable Ring - because you need some bling!

🤍 Hand chosen wig to really complete the transformation 💕

🤍 Fabulously fun faux tattoo set or extra makeup item

🤍 A super cute choker, to bring out your inner diva

🤍 Glitter to enhance your glitz & glamour

🤍🍭CCK necklace (for highly feminized members only!)

🤍 1 garter for your tasty thighs or 1 sultry scarf

🍬CandyCream: goddess lotion sample - embrace feminine energy! (glitter also optional) (girliness mandatory)

🤍Mysterious mask - be intriguing with a lace mask

🤍 Kitty ears - because you're a pretty kitty!

🤍Cute clip on earrings

🤍Marvelous make up bag

🤍 Premium picks- our most valued selections will be in your kit.

🤍🍨B.F.F.s! Get yourself a matching luxury bracelet with your feminizers chosen for you & unique to just us 3. Want an extra for a flirty femme friend or your playful partner? No problem, princess!

🤍Spa selections! 3 to 6 luxury spa products

🤍1 sweet surprise, chosen just for you by your feminizers, because you're special

🤍👑 Oh, it's Miss Universe! Get yourself a guaranteed tiara or crown to match your new makeover. No matter your style, you'll be a princess when you get this kit

🤍 Choice of extra femme items or beauty set - choose one or your feminizers will choose for you! ;)


FREE Services Included:



🤍 The styling service of Club Candy Kisses: We hand select or create every item in your kit to make you look as cute as possible!

🤍 Feminizer approval & cosmetologist consideration on all color coordination required for your kit.

🤍 Club Candy Kisses membership & future perks- sweet surprises & gifts on all future kits as a Candy Kiss!

🤍 Discreet packaging on the outside of your kit, with delicious gift wrapping from your feminizers inside.

🤍Forever Fashion Advice: "What kind of lingerie would he like the most?".... Let us be your forever-fashionistas with unlimited advice: a rare treat.

🤍❣️Dating Coach Divas: We're here for you, honey~ Anytime you have a question about what to do in a flirty or fabulous situation, we are here to help you figure out what the next move is. Let our girly girl goddess energy be your guide! Complimentary any time by request.

🍭 EXCLUSIVE ULTIMATE CANDY KISS PERK: Forever & unlimited feminization, sissification, dollification & bimbofication advice from both of us. No matter the subject - we are a message away! We're here to help you have fun, honeybun.


FREE Optional Items, by request only:



🤍 Optional access to the Juicy Book Of Juicy Names: This gives you the opportunity to pick out your own Candy Kiss name - or, we will pick one out or you!

🤍 10 Tasks for you to complete with your kit (or positive, gender affirming affirmations, if you prefer)

🤍 Sweet Scent Service: Each cute clothing item sent to you will sweetly scented with pretty perfume.

🤍 Option for your items modeled for you personally by your feminizers (photos will be sent to you via email by request!)

🤍 Custom tutorial - Makeup, modeling, etiquette, charm school class, simulated slumber party, or any sort of video demonstration that you'd like.

🤍 🌹Cupid Search: Complimentary cupid survey & playmate/partner search service. Take our "Sugar Survey" and we'll put you in our Sweetheart System!

🤍🍒🌈Dream Girl Lifestyle Improvement List: Custom list of new femme interests, lifestyle improvement suggestions including decor and body modification, cuteness tips and more made just for you!

🤍🎶Personal Playlist: We make a list of songs just for you to match your new style, sugar~

🤍 Shoes or Slippers in your size, chosen to compliment your new look 👠

🤍 DEDICATED DOLL SPECIAL: Request up to 10 feminizing tips & tasks for you to use daily, created by your feminizers to help you on your gender journey!





*Substitution & Request friendly*

Level 20 Service

$1,999.00 Regular Price
$1,499.25Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sizing, substitutions, requests, personalization & preferences are all handled in the Feminzation Customization Station, sent over for your pleasure within 24 hours of your purchase. Feel free to make any specificaitons you'd like Mistress to accomodate for you there or when placing your order to make your experience as alluring as possible.

  • Would you like to strut your stuff for your new feminizers and maybe even end up on the Club Candy Kisses website?

    Dreams do come true! 

    Model your custom kit or any Club Candy Kisses item for us & send photos in to be featured in Mistress Candy's doll collection. 

    We encourage cuties of every gender, size & style to flaunt their fabulous fem side, whether it's just for the two of us or to lovers of delicious divas everywhere. We want you to feel like a marvelous model. Find out more about modeling for Club Candy Kisses here and sign up when you order your customized kit.

    Depending on your desires, you can choose to send in photos showing your face or being a discreet dolly. No matter your style, Mistress & Miss love every one of our marvelous models and give these girls extra glamour in every kit. They deserve it! 


Club Candy Kisses accepts all major credit cards and pay later systems at checkout. Contact us if you have any issue!

Remember- We Think You Are Delicious!

OMG! You are going to look gorgeous! 
all sizing & customization will be coordinated by the two of us after ordering

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