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For silly sl#ts only!

By popular demand…..

We are proud to present THE CLOWN GIRL Style Kit!!!!!!  




Each kit we send out is one of a kind, based on the doll that ordered it. No 2 are the same! Your kit will be unlike any other that we've made before. It will be as unique as you are!  

The items we choose for you are completely dependant on your personality, preferences, size, style and the answers you give us on your Dream Girl Survey & the ever so fun Feminization Customization Station, all sent over to you the same day you place your order.     




The Clown Girl Kit Includes:    


- Access to our Customization Station, so we can learn about your preferences and personality. (This also gives you the opportunity to mix and match styles, if you want a hint of another style reflected in your package!)  


  - Our slumber party style Dream Girl Survey, so we can get to know you and what kind of girly girl you are inside. This also is your entry into being a member of Club Candy Kisses!     


- Your very own new cute clown girl name    


- A physical copy of your Dream Girl Certificate, with your new name & girly style made official. Sealed and signed by your new feminizers!  


  - 1 clown girl outfit, style piece, or lingerie look in your size chosen for you by your feminizers  


  - 1 piece of jewelry or an accessory in your gamer girl style


    - 1 wig, clown nose or other cute clown girl item


    - 1 piece of makeup  


  - lovely organza storage bag  


  - 4 sweet pieces of candy, to match your new look  


  - 1 pretty panty, to wear under your new clothes    




  Isn't that so sweet?  You're going to be such a cutie clownl ! We can't wait to dress you up.


    *** Would you prefer a LARGER or SMALLER package in this style? Try a feminization kit! You can choose any style (including this one!) on your customization station when you select any feminization level, to get this same style in your desired level & budget.    


-------     After placing your order:  


  -Within 24 hours after payment, you will be sent over our DreamGirl Survey & our Customization Station for you to fill out!  


-We will find all about your princess preferences, your interests, your sizes, and your style from those documents and use that information to design your feminization kit and make it just the right kind of cute.  


-Your unique style will be represented in the fabulous flirty fun you'll get in your kit. We'll tell you what kind of doll you are & your new Candy Kiss DreamGirl Name on your Candy Kiss certificate that will arrive with all your other feminization fun!      



Are you ready to feel delicious, doll?   



    *Spectacular Shipping Information:    


~ Like all our fabulous feminization kits, this package will be discreet on the outside, delicious on the inside. Your feminization kit will be packaged in a black bubble mailer with a return address that reads "Standard Supplies"- no one will know what's inside but you! You can be as femme as you want in private, baby boo.  





  *Photos featured of your feminizers in this ad do not depict the items that will be included in your feminization kit. Every kit is unique!

The CLOWN GIRL Service 🤡🍭

$199.00 Regular Price
$139.30Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

    Club Candy Kisses accepts all major credit cards and pay later systems at checkout. Contact us if you have any issue!

    Remember- We Think You Are Delicious!

    OMG! You are going to look gorgeous! 
    all sizing & customization will be coordinated by the two of us after ordering

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