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Other Payment Methods

Ready to order your custom kit? You can check out with any of the many payment methods we offer at checkout!! :)

That is what almost all our dolls do. Just incase you need it,  you can also place your order with any of our other currently accepted payment methods listed here for your convenience. 


  • How can I place my order for my feminization or style kit?

We currently accept all major cards at checkout, or you can choose to pay for your kit directly with other payment methods.

(NEW! You can even trade gift cards for your kit, if you wish.)

Fill out the form below to get started!

You can submit your payment as soon as you are ready for your femme fun to begin.  Your feminizers will be in touch shortly!








                                                                                   Accepted Payment Methods:

                                                              CREDIT CARDS or PAYPAL: via the store checkout system, or contact us

SEZZLE: via the store checkout system

CASHAPP: $ClubCandyKisses

VENMO: contact us

Amazon Gift Cards also now accepted for your discretion. See below for more details!


Want a reminder of what all our cute kits contain? Click the buttons below!


Prefer to email us for your invoice?

*When placing your order via emaill, follow the instructions below:


your desired feminization level or sissy kit(s), with any add ons

-the payment method you have used or will be using

- and your shipping name & address (before or after payment)

Once your payment is received, within 24 hours we will send over your Feminization Customization

Station and your Dream Girl Survey, and your completed invoice so we can start putting your fabulous fun together, honeybun! 

Email us to place your order:


  • How do I pay with an amazon gift card?

Easy! Follow the instructions above for placing your order above, and then use the provided email for gift card reception. Note the gift card fee below, dolly.

Send your gift card to the email


*Amazon Gift Cards subject to $25 fee due to shipping, payable via the same gift card, and can be deducted from your Dream Girl makeover budget if need be, for convenience and shipping, as we are not affiliated with amazon in any way and are a small, 2 person company. Thank you for understanding.*


Want to pay for an upgrade or add on to your feminization kit for more fabulous fun?

Contact Miss & Mistress to arrange website upgrade payment. :)

Order Your Kit

Thanks doll! We will get your order placed with all your delicious details, confirm your shipping information, add ons & payment ASAP, kitty cat.

be honest, real & payment ready, please

*Standard Shipping fee may apply for some international customers*

PayPal Donations (for Club Candy Kisses)

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