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We will discover your dolly dreams and then we will both help them come true, it's what we do

Club Candy Kisses features a girly team of 2 that offers personalized services

included in all of our sexy sets created by both of us for all sizes, styles and genders

Mistress Elleria Candy & Miss Scarlette Kisses want you to embrace your inner fem fantasies

The designer duo of Club Candy Kisses will make you fabulous!

 The both of us firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel femme and that every doll needs an extra dose of delicious

 Whether you are experienced or just started your girly journey, we have the details to transform you into a diva






We are both going to
turn you into a 
dream girl....

Feminizer Fairy


We are Miss Scarlette Kisses & Mistress Elleria Candy and we want you to look as luscious as possible. We are going to make you look perfect!

Every Club Candy Kisses package is custom created for you by the two of us and is one of a kind.

Our exciting system The Princess Process is based on Mistress Candy's unique feminization formula designed to find the most glamorous version of youThis allows us to make each experience 100% personalized and totally prissy.

Clothes, attitude, name, toys, makeup, hair, accessories, lingerie - all of it!

Our service is like a slumber party delivered to your doorstep- only flirty, fun and FABULOUS!

....We want to turn you into a DREAM GIRL


Miss Scarlette Kisses

co-owner, cosmetologist, girly girl,
personal shopper & Goddess

The Feminizer Fairy 

Mistress Elleria Candy

co-owner, fashion designer,
wardrobe stylist, debutante & diva

Head Mistress & Living Doll Designer

Feminization, Bimbo, Sissy  & Drag Services

black tiaraaa_edited.png

Feminization Services by Mistress & Miss

specializing in girly fun for all styles

"Be Flirty. Be fun. Be Fabulous."



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Best sellers

That's just a taste! 
See what else we're up to...




Club Candy Kisses offers.....

Ultra girly services for all genders, all over the world

The feminizer duo of Elleria &  Scarlette  invite you to the opportunity to partake in this femme fun no matter your location, schedule or gender with our feminization kits. Club Candy Kisses is for any cutie that wants to be fun, flirty, and fabulous.

Feminization & Style Kits

Custom built just for you by two girly girls, designed by Mistress Candy to turn you into your Dream Girl. Your unique, one of a kind kit will be as special as you are, sugar. We want you to feel flirty, fun, and fabulous. You're a doll, so you should feel like a diva!

Hand-Chosen Feminine Perfection

We'll find you the perfect fit for your kit, whatever that means! We often alter, create, or add a feminine touch to items we give kittens to make our kits even more fabulous and unique. Most items included in our packages are one of a kind, just like every kit is different and every princess is pretty. Packages include clothing, lingerie, hosiery, makeup, wigs, jewelry, shoes, costumes, makeup tutorials and more..... Everything you need to be that DreamGirl you want to be, regardless of your gender.

The kind of femme fun you need and deserve, dolly.

Complete Customization for your size & style

We believe in being who you've always wanted to be. Whether it's wild or mild, simple or sultry, intense or innocent, punk or preppy- we want you to be the you that you dream of being, even if it's only occasionally. We love all types of fashion and glamorize all sorts of girls- we'll help you feel as cute as a cupcake. From style advice & etiquette training, to tutorial videos and specifics, suggestions, and matchmaking .... Club Candy Kisses is here to make your fantasy a reality. Dreams do come true. Step into girl world.... It's gorgeous here!


What are you waiting for, fairy?

Pink Sugar

....Don't be shy cutie pie.

Pink Sugar

Stay Cute, Cupcake
We  can't wait to dress you up
Club Candy Kisses is the sugary solution to your feminization fantasy & the prettiest gift you can give yourself or anyone else...

..You need this, princess!

Be Flirty. Be Fun. Be fabulous.

BECOME A CANDY KISS! every kit is bliss

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